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Indie News: Ryback copies more wrestling moves from CM Punk

Ryback and CM Punk still hate each other

Will these men ever resolve their issues?

What’s the Story?

The heat between former WWE superstars Ryback and CM Punk continues to build as Ryback was seen using Punk’s signature running knee into the corner and his finisher the GTS as a false finish.

The match took place at an independent wrestling promotion known as WrestlePro; an independent Wrestling Company based in New Jersey.

In Case You Didn’t Know

Ryback has had heat with Punk ever since their time in WWE. While none of it was revealed when both men were employed by the company, it would all come out in the shoot interview and podcast Punk did with Colt Cabana of The Art of Wrestling Podcast back in 2014.

This isn’t the first time that Ryback has taunted Punk as he has done his running knee in the corner several times. Ryback’s biggest taunt to Punk before he left the company would be on the Payback 2016 Pre-Show where he mocked Punk’s entrance to the get heat from the fans in Chicago.

Ryback also does the Conversations with The Big Guy Podcast alongside Pat Buck; owner of WrestlePro.

The Heart of the Matter

The problems with Punk and Ryback has only increased in the past few years. Ever since the two men began wrestling each other, they have had heat with each other.

The issues regarding Ryback’s safety in the ring have been the subject of countless fans and professional wrestlers alike to the point where Ryback has a reception aspect to his profile on Wikipedia based on both his wrestling ability, look, and ring gear.

What’s Next?

Neither man has expressed a strong desire to see the other attacked or anything violent, so this feud will likely remain a war of words between Punk and Ryback.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Ryback and Punk’s problems with each other will likely never get resolved. Ryback maintains that he did nothing wrong and that any injuries that occurred were not intentional while Punk remained silent on the issue after leaving the WWE.

Fans have also expressed a desire to see The Big Guy get more moves into his move set and Ryback has obliged…at the expense of Punk’s wrestling moves.

If Punk was still a wrestler, this would be more problematic than it is. However, with Punk now being a MMA fighter, Punk has no use for wrestling moves like that because they won’t be of any help to him in an MMA ring.

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