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TNA Rumors: Ryback headed to TNA?

Ryback has dropped massive hints that he may be headed to TNA or even NJPW sometime in the future.

Ryback won’t say he’s not interested in TNA 

What’s the story?

Ryback has dropped massive hints that he may be headed to TNA or even NJPW sometime in the future. On being asked whether he would be interested in going to TNA during a Q&A session with The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast (transcription via Wrestling Inc.), Ryback said:

I’m not gonna say that I’m not interested, it’s just one of those — I’m enjoying not having any contracts right now. That or New Japan for something more long term, but these other things are things that I got going on that take up a lot of my time and things that I’m very hands on with.

“But don’t ever say never, it’d have to be the right situation.

In case you didn’t know…

Ryback was sent home by the WWE due to a contract dispute back in May 2016. He had claimed that the winners of the matches get paid more and had demanded equal pay for all wrestlers. Later in a Tumblr post, he mentioned that the decision to go home was his own, and had cited the lack of equal pay for talent.

He also added that creative frustration was the primary reason for his sudden departure. In August, he announced on Instagram that the WWE and he had parted ways.

The heart of the matter

Previously, Ryback often hinted that he might be headed to TNA. However, he is deeply engrossed in working the independent scene. He mentioned how the podcast and the supplement line is keeping him busy enough these days. He said:

If I was just solely wrestling and not — and didn’t have the motivational book, the podcast, and the supplement line coming out, then it would be something that I’d heavily consider.

What’s next?

The Big Guy is enjoying his life without any contracts to worry about. He stated that he was booked through April and going into May with bookings every weekend and how financially it’s the same, if not better, than WWE. He is working for fewer days a week and has no intention of joining TNA or NJPW at this moment.  

Sportskeeda’s take

If Ryback is making enough money without having to give up his freedom, then there is no reason as to why he should commit to anyone but himself. That said, he is betting against the odds on how well he can keep a reputation without the help of a (relatively) major pro wrestling promotion behind him.

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