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WWE News: Ryback thinks that female wrestling fans have "mental issues"

Austin Hough
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Ryback is a very opinionated man
Ryback is a very opinionated man

What's the story?

In a recent episode of his "Conversation with the Big Guy" podcast, former WWE star Ryback said he wouldn't date female fans. He went on to imply that they had mental issues.

In case you didn't know...

Since leaving WWE, Ryback has been hosting a weekly podcast called "Conversation with the Big Guy," with Pat Buck — an independent wrestler/promoter.

Ryback has also made sporadic appearances on the independent circuit but he hasn't signed a long-term contract with any particular promotion.

The heart of the matter

At one point during the conversation, the topic of dating fans was brought up. Phoenix Marie, an adult film star who was a guest on the podcast, mentioned that she never would want to date a fan. "They only want to date me because I do porn," she added.

Ryback agreed with her sentiment, saying that he wouldn't want to date wrestling fans. Marie said that all they would want to do is talk about his matches, to which Ryback replied

"Yeah. Amongst other things… mental issues… but yeah, it would be scary to me.” 

Marie was taken aback by his comments, replying to Ryback by asking "I watched wrestling...what are you saying, that I have mental issues?" Ryback countered by saying "Well, you went into the porn industry." The two laughed it off and moved on. You can hear the audio here.

What's Next?

Ryback is no longer in WWE, so he can't be fined or suspended for the comments. We will wait and see if wrestling promotions start pulling his bookings due to the comment or not.

Author's Take

Marie and Ryback seem to be good friends, so his "you went into porn" comment was mostly tongue-in-cheek. It will be interesting to see if Ryback responds to the criticism of the comment.

I'm not sure what Ryback meant by these comments, but if he's implying that wrestling fans who are females have mental issues, then he'll have some serious explaining to do.

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