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Seth Rollins - The Road to the WWE World title

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Wrestlemania 31 was a riveting story of one man.

And that man was not Roman Reigns

It was his little brother who ‘bought in to the evolution of Seth Rollins’. If you look closely at his entire journey, you’ll see how perfect the main event of Wrestlemania was. It was flawless in that aspect and very well executed. It was that loophole, that chess move that is there, but you can’t see clearly until you make the effort to find it out. And in the midst of Lesnar’s monster momentum and Roman Reigns’ sea of boos, WWE found it- that one Eureka moment.

Who would have thought that this was the Shield brother that will have a breakthrough at Wrestlemania? Who would have thought that this was the man who will win the championship before any of his brothers? And who would have thought that he’ll do so at Wrestlemania?

It was all too good to be true. It was not just a fun moment, it was a great story told. It was leap towards the future and in that future we see all three Shield brothers going at each other for the biggest prize that WWE can bestow upon them.

Here is how the story began

Rollins is Plan B

Rollins betrayed his brothers a night after they had an epic encounter against Evolution. The Shield were at the peak of their career as a team. Rollins provided the first most shocking moment of his career. And till now, he has only traded in shocks in his career so far. And that is just best for business.

The 28-year-old provided the most shocking moment of Raw in years, one that was high on emotional intensity. It was something that WWE was building towards but nobody knew that it was going to happen so soon.

Robbing Ambrose

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That kickstarted the feud of the year against Dean Ambrose. It was the hottest thing going on in the WWE and Ambrose was having an epic surge of momentum. Rollins cheated his way through Money In The bank ladder match and stole the contract to win and lay claim to being Mr. Money In The Bank. That was the second blow in the series of blows for the brothers who were betrayed. Ambrose is yet to avenge the betrayal. And then he has to avenge the loss at MITB, a loss that has definitely made a lot of difference.

That story is still not finished and this is why Ambrose will come to claim a piece a Rollins soon.

Stealing the show from Reigns

Some fans wanted Rollins to cash in atWrestlemania or the Raw after Wrestlemania and win but nobody thought that one of those wishes will definitely come true and that explains the shocked reactions of some of the sections of the crowd. It was great and it was all that it had to be.

Rollins stole the show from Reigns and Lesnar. But mostly, he stole the spotlight from the heir apparent  Roman reigns. That was the second blow . The other brother has been robbed of an opportunity as well.

Ambrose and Reigns both have some beef to be dealt with and It is only symbolic of WWE’s quest to focus on the future and invest in it.

Wrestlemania was a  great, great night. As Kevin nash said in his Hall of fame speech that only two moments in lfe are real- your first World title victory and the day you get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

For all of Rollins’ pronouncements that he is the future, this night was the biggest stage to make the biggest statement.

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