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Seth Rollins "Room 605" text: What is the fuss all about?

23.24K   //    05 Feb 2017, 10:09 IST
Seth Rollins has had his fair share of controversy behind the scenes.

Nearly two years ago, former WWE World Champion Seth Rollins was in the middle of a social media controversy when nude photos of the WWE Superstar were leaked by his ex-fiancée.  

Those leaked photos were in retaliation to Rollins’ Instagram account being supposedly hacked and posting a nude photo of ex-WWE prospect Zahra Schreiber. Rumours then came out that Rollins and Schreiber were having an affair leading to Rollins’ engagement ending.

Around September 2016, a series of screenshots (NSFW) were released of what is said to be Rollins texting explicit sexual messages to a woman, including some photos. The last messages of the text conversation said “Sounds hot, I think I’m close” followed by “Good. Room 605” eluding to the hotel room that Rollins was staying in.

The interesting thing about this new development is that there is very little reporting on it, but enough people have bought into the fact that it is indeed Rollins in the conversation and a slew of memes can be found all throughout the internet making light of the situation.

A few examples of these memes can be found below:

We’d all have that look on our face if that was a reality
Do you think that segment was created from this situation?
Apparently, a lot of people want to see this happen

While the texts can’t be 100% tied to Seth Rollins, but if they do indeed involve Rollins, then it is very interesting that we now have two separate instances where explicit private moments of Rollins have been released in public.

One was the case of a vengeful fiancée and the other is a case of someone possibly looking to get famous.

With that said, Rollins is one of the top guys in the WWE, and for good reason. He’s one of the best performers in the ring and a great talker outside of it as well. He gets one of the bigger reactions of all of the WWE Superstars by the WWE Universe.

Since he’s in such a high position within the company, shouldn’t he be more careful? 

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The gut reaction would be to say yes, but you have to look at both of these situations in depth. The easy thing to say is “Wow, Rollins really needs to slow down here” but at the same time, we have no idea when these texts are from.  

They could have been from when he was engaged, or they could have been from just a couple months ago. There is no way to tell from the pictures.

Seth Rollins and former NXT prospect Zahra Schreiber...

Any male wrestler in the WWE, whether they’re single, engaged, or married, are going to have women throw themselves at them because they’re rich and famous.

It would be ridiculous to expect any single wrestler to not be tempted to some degree as long as they’re careful, but for all we know, this person Rollins was talking to could be someone that he had known for a very long time.

Seth really hasn’t done anything wrong in either situation. One was the case of being hacked and the other was a private conversation. He hasn’t done anything illegal with the texts, it’s just a normal conversation to have for a single guy.

So the answer to that question of needing to slow down is definitely no. It isn’t affecting his career in any way. Sure, it might be embarrassing, but even after the Instagram scandal, he was still looked upon as a top guy in the company.  

In the case of the Instagram nude photos, there is a very high likelihood that he was hacked, as it would be pretty stupid for someone who has 2.2 Million followers to post a nude photo of a co-worker while they’re engaged.  

Even though he probably wasn’t at fault, he still owned up to it and apologised through Twitter.

In the age of social media, anyone famous is a target and can make a mistake like JBL did when he took a picture of his computer as he was watching NXT Takeover: San Antonio. In the browser history, you could see that he had searched for someone’s nude photos.  

What JBL did was more of a case of “you have to be more careful”. What’s going on with Rollins, however, is more of a case of bad luck. Sure, he could be more careful with who he associates with, but as far as the texts are concerned, it was a private matter and it’s a normal discussion between a man and a woman.

In the end, it is not going to hurt Rollins’ career. He’s currently in a prominent feud with Triple H leading into WrestleMania. His bad luck, however, continued when he re-injured his knee. We’re hopeful that he recovers soon and doesn’t end up missing his second WrestleMania in a row.  

While the situation is embarrassing, it doesn’t and shouldn’t tarnish the legacy that Rollins is building.

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