Seth Rollins shares chilling story of a fan coming to his home

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

Former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recently sat down with Tone Kapone and discussed a bunch of Pro Wrestling topics. While talking about fan experiences, Rollins shared a story of a fan, who once came to his home.

Rollins has had an incredible 2019, and spent a significant part of the year holding the Universal title. Rollins' popularity took a hit among the fans though, after he dubbed WWE as the best Pro Wrestling on the planet a while ago. This resulted in a Twitter feud against NJPW's Will Ospreay, which didn't end well for Rollins. His feud with The Fiend didn't do him any favors too, as the fans clearly favored Bray Wyatt's alter-ego in this rivalry.

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When asked whether he has had any "wow fan experiences", Rollins shared a scary story of a fan coming to his home.

"I had a woman come to my house, and you know social media is crazy. This woman showed up at my house not long ago, twice... yeah two times. I had to call the police on her. Yeah, pretty intense, she was from Nebraska or something... driven there like intense... to be in a relationship with me."


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