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Opinion: Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles could be the match of the century

475   //    11 May 2019, 05:17 IST

Rollins and Styles will compete for the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank PPV
Rollins and Styles will compete for the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank PPV

Over the years, WWE has witnessed several top notch matches and outstanding rivalries. However, the upcoming match at the Money in the Bank PPV 2019, between Seth Rollins and AJ Styles, could break all records and can become perhaps the most talked about match in the history of pro-wrestling. This match will be a huge deal not only for the WWE Universe, but also for either of the two wrestlers. Let us understand why this match will perhaps be the most celebrated match in the WWE.

Both Rollins and Styles have never faced each other in single's competition. They both are former WWE Champions, and, have accomplished helluva achievements in their career. Rollins did the improbable when he defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 and took the Universal Championship from him. However, his real challenge lies at Money in the Bank, when he faces AJ Styles, who is often regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Rollins and Styles never had a face-off previously. The WWE management should be applauded for booking this match in the first place. These two wrestlers have had several main-event matches and have always performed way above the expectations from their fans and well wishers. Hence, if they both give their best performances in the upcoming match, it would automatically send jitters to each and every pro-wrestling fan.

Also, the hype built around this match is very high. Both Rollins and Styles are world class athletes and they know how to bring the best out of their opponents. They both are agile, possess high flying skills, and, can connect well with the audience. These ingredients put together can help the duo to pull of a stunning match, which would be a treat to the entire WWE Universe.

Also, the fact these two wrestlers perform as 'faces' in WWE, makes it extremely difficult for the WWE Universe as to whom they shall pick as their favorite. Thus, the emotions would run high throughout the match and the WWE Universe would love to see this match turn into a war between Styles and Rollins. No other Champion or active superstar is present in the WWE who enjoys the kind of love and affection from the fans as these two heavyweights does.

All the other matches combined together in this PPV will not be able to generate the kind of action that both Rollins and Styles would be able to put up. Thus, this match outweighs any match in the recent history of WWE, and can certainly become the most talked about contest in professional pro-wrestling ever.

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