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WWE News: Seth Rollins vs Rusev announced for September 19th Raw

The Architect and The Bulgarian Brute go one-on-one next week on Raw

The battle of interferers 

One of the drawbacks of Raw is that after the loss of Finn Balor to injury, they do not have a definite top babyface. When comparing to its counterpart Smackdown Live,  The Flagship Show has been negatively received by many, who feel that Smackdown Live is 6-2 up in the 8 weeks post-draft.

Kevin Owens did become the beneficiary of Balor’s injury, becoming the WWE Universal Champion. His victory saw a shock return of Triple H, and an even bigger shock unfolded when Triple H turned on his former protogé Seth Rollins and hit him with a pedigree, and then handing the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens. 

There were so many questions to be answered regarding Triple H’s return, but it looks like that is going to be built into a long-term program, as The Game has not appeared on Raw the two weeks since Owens was crowned Champion.

Rollins however, did get a title match handed to him by Mick Foley.  Roman Reigns came out at the end of Raw two weeks ago and was told by Mick Foley that he would have to beat Kevin Owens in a non-title match on Raw the next week to make the Clash Of Champions match a triple threat. 

At first, Rollins interfered causing a disqualification, but Foley restarted the match. Rusev then returned to distract Roman Reigns, who was then defeated by Kevin Owens. So it looks like the Roman vs Rusev feud for the US Championship will rehash, while Rollins will continue in a singles feud with Kevin Owens. 

However, next week, the two men who interfered in last week’s main event will be going head to head in the upcoming Raw. WWE.com gave the preview as follows:
After interfering in Raw's main event and effectively helping to cost Roman Reigns a spot in Clash of Champions’ WWE Universal Title Match, Seth Rollins and Rusev must suffer the fallout when they go one-on-one this Monday night.

Plus, the Cruiserweights are finally coming to Team Red!

What is interesting is that Rollins has not yet fully turned babyface. In fact, he has still been acting much like a heel, except he is now feuding with heels and fighting heels such as Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and now Rusev.

It will only be a matter of time before Rollins cements his babyface turn. It will perhaps be on the road to Wrestlemania while feuding with Triple H.

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