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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Several plans changed due to Seth Rollins injury

Johny Payne
7.86K   //    17 Feb 2018, 01:00 IST

Seth Rollins is well-known for his work ethic and training routine
Seth Rollins is well-known for his work ethic and training routine

What’s the story?

Reports suggest that the WWE may have changed several plans due to the injury Seth Rollins is presently dealing with.

Apparently, Rollins was expected to miss Wrestlemania 34, however, he will indeed perform at the event now. Besides, a few other details on how Rollins’ injury brought about significant changes in the WWE’s ongoing storylines on RAW, have also been revealed.

In case you didn’t know…

The professional wrestling community has been lately abuzz regarding banter that Seth Rollins is likely dealing with a nagging back injury.

While Rollins’ injury was initially thought to be quite serious, enough so as to keep him benched until after Wrestlemania 34, the belief is that ‘The Architect’ went through another round of diagnosis this past weekend.

The heart of the matter

Several pro-wrestling pundits opined that Seth Rollins’ back issues may require him to undergo minor surgery—resultantly keeping him out of action until after Wrestlemania 34—owing to which Rollins and his Tag Team partner Jason Jordan were removed from the Elimination Chamber Match, despite being previously booked to compete inside the ‘Chamber.

Additionally, The Miz and Finn Balor were initially set to feud over the former’s WWE Intercontinental title at the Elimination Chamber PPV, however, with Rollins & Jordan out, Miz & Balor were added to the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match. Rollins was suspected to have a degenerated/torn lumbar disc, however, the tests for the same came back negative.

In fact, medical evaluation revealed that Rollins is primarily suffering from a minor muscle tear, and the injury was confused as a torn lumbar disc, owing to the symptoms for both injuries being somewhat similar—acute lower back pain & inflammation.

Rollins underwent diagnosis over the weekend, and was found to have only a muscle tear—something that’s expected to heal very soon—owing to which the WWE added Rollins to the Elimination Chamber Match.

What’s next?

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Elias, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, John Cena and The Miz compete in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match which takes place at the Elimination Chamber PPV in Paradise, Nevada on February 25th.


Fans can rest assured that Rollins’ muscle tear is not expected to impede him from competing in the WWE in the months to come.

Author’s take

Seth Rollins could very well be the new face of the WWE—and by no means is that statement hyperbole.

Rollins has the mat skills, promos, look and charisma all down to a T, however, he’s fallen victim to the injury bug a few times over the years. Here’s hoping Rollins gets back to a hundred percent soon. 

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