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WWE News: Statistics show that the former Shield members are not needle movers as WWE Champions

5.16K   //    09 Jul 2016, 21:47 IST
Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose’s reign as Champion has overseen a new low in Raw ratings  

As much as they were surprised, hardcore WWE fans rejoiced with the decision of WWE making Dean Ambrose the WWE Champion when he cashed in his contract at the MITB PPV. 

With the surprising victory, Ambrose became the final member of the Shield faction to hold the prestigious championship after their infamous break-up 2 years ago.

However till now, the decision of putting the title on any of the former Shield members hasn’t paid dividends due to the fact that Raw is hitting very low ratings during each one of their tenures as WWE Champion.

The July 4th episode of Raw did an average rating of 1.87 which is the lowest ratings of the flagship show in nearly 20 years. 

Although it's not entirely Ambrose's fault as WWE has touched some very low ratings during Seth Rollins’ reign ( 2.21, 18 year low) and Roman Reigns’ run ( 2.03, 19 year low)  as well.

Till now, the reason for the low ratings has been considered to be the poor mid card bookings over the past several years as well as giving more importance to part-timers than regular workers.

Still, it's a matter of concern for WWE officials because ever since their debut, all 3 former members of the Shield have been treated as main event talents by WWE and one of them is seen as the future poster boy of the company. 

So if the ratings of the longest running weekly television show in history is doing such poor ratings consistently, then it might be the time for WWE officials to think whether or not they have put their money on the right horses. 

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