Shinsuke Nakamura and his wife: 5 things you need to know about them


#2 They got married when Shinsuke was out of action

Nakamura was one of the most popular NJPW Superstars at the time

As soon as he got out of college, Nakamura passed an entrance exam for the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo and joined them. Nakamura dedicated himself to professional wrestling as well as mixed martial arts and kept a really busy schedule. 

Harumi Maekawa, ever the loving supporter of Shinsuke, supported him throughout all these years. However, the question of marriage came up in their relationship now and then, and when one takes a look at Nakamura’s busy schedule back in those days, they can understand how difficult it must have been for him to take time out for anything else.

Nakamura was a part of the 2007 G1 Climax tournament which was held in August 2007. He was one of the hottest stars in NJPW at the time and was touted to become the winner of the tournament. Unfortunately, Nakamura dislocated his shoulder in the Semi-finals of the tournament against Yuji Nagata and was forced to forfeit the tournament.

Nakamura had already announced in June 2007 that he was going to get married to the then-26-year-old Harumi Maekawa and he didn’t let the injury put a damper on those plans. The couple got married, as per schedule, on 1st September 2007. Nakamura himself was 27 years old at the time.

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