SK Exclusive: Interview with Woken Matt Hardy about The Bucks of Youth, The Bar, The Dudleyz and more...

As a Woken Warrior, this was a delight!
As a Woken Warrior, this was a delight!
Riju Dasgupta

I've been a fan of Matt Hardy right from the time of the Attitude Era, and it was super cool to finally get a chance to interact with him, after nearly two decades of super fandom. Hardy was not at all like his on-screen persona...he was not 'woken', but 'well spoken'!

The WWE superstar addressed questions from international media during the most recent global teleconference. Here's a glimpse of our conversation.

Do you think the Bucks of Youth will ever be a part of WWE someday?

Matt Hardy: That's an interesting question. Personally, I'm a fan of the Bucks of Youth both as performers and as people. I think they're doing pretty well right now and I can see them staying in that same division. But I certainly think that they could end up in WWE if they decided to make that decision.


It'll be interesting because being in WWE there's a very stringent system and a certain protocol. For me, it'll be very interesting to see how the Bucks of Youth will be able to survive and if they can thrive in that stringent protocol.

What do you think of the Dudley Boyz going into the Hall of Fame this year?

Matt Hardy: I think the Dudley Boyz going into the Hall of Fame is a great decision. They're very deserving of it.


Obviously, one of the greatest, most decorated tag teams of all time and obviously myself and my brother and Edge & Christian did so much great business with the Dudley Boyz and so, yes, I'm personally very happy for both of them.

What is your opinion of The Bar as a tag team?

Matt Hardy: I think they came into their own. I mean obviously they were two singles guys, they were thrown together as a tag team and I think over the course of the last year especially since they had the story with myself and Brother Nero, I believe they came into their own. And they're one of the best tag teams in the business right now.

Recently two superstars from your previous place of employment, Drake Maverick and Amanpreet Singh (formerly known as Rockstar Spud and Mahabali Shera) came to WWE. What's your opinion of the two of them?

Matt Hardy: Very happy. I worked with Rockstar Spud and I think he's extremely talented. I think he has a lot to offer. I think he's in a great role where he is right now as the GM of 205 Live.


And Shera's just a good human being and a great person. I think him being here is a great statement and a good get, especially for the Indian market.

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