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SK Exclusive: Sources shoot down Batista Hall of Fame report, top contenders for class of 2018 revealed

Billi Bhatti
22.43K   //    19 Sep 2017, 04:59 IST

The Animal will have to wait for his moment.
The Animal will have to wait for his moment.

Our DirtySheets.Net sources have shot down a recent report claiming David Bautista aka Batista, is set to headline next year's Hall of Fame.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that Batista was being lined up as the headliner for the 2018 Hall of Fame in New Orleans.

According to our source, the report of Batista going in are completely untrue. The WWE is currently working through a shortlist of around 30 people, including 5 potential headliners and Batista is said to not even be among the 30.

Therefore, there is no truth to the story. It's being said that WWE has a plethora of options of next year's Hall of Fame, including Goldberg, Daniel Bryan, and The Undertaker.

The source said:

"Bryan was the clear front-runner with it being New Orleans, but with him being unlikely to stay (with WWE) after 2018 and with Goldberg's induction being postponed last year, Goldberg has to be the favorite.

They've already shot loads of content with him, including a Network doccie (documentary). So as he's already agreed and they don't really want to be spending extra money right now, it's highly likely it'll be him. However, you definitely can't rule out Taker, with his obvious links to New Orleans (where the streak ended)."

Goldberg confirmed that he will be going into the WWE in near future during a recent UK Q & A tour, where he also said he left the company on great terms, with the door still open for another in-ring comeback.

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