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SK Exclusive: Backstage reason why Enzo will really be in a shark cage at SummerSlam

WWE are opting to punish not fire their problem star.

News 16 Aug 2017, 15:33 IST

Enzo Amore will be in a shark cage at Summerslam during the Big Show vs Big Cass match
Enzo Amore will be in a shark cage at Summerslam during the Big Show vs Big Cass match

What's the story?

As reported by The Dirty Sheets via our "DS Breaking News" show on YouTube and iTunes, one of the main reasons Enzo Amore will be in shark cage this Sunday is because the superstar is intensely afraid of heights.

You can watch the video by clicking the YouTube link, below.

In case you didn't know...

It's been reported for several weeks that Enzo Amore has huge backstage heat with both writers and wrestlers, with one story outlining an incident where Enzo was thrown off a tour bus by Roman Reigns.

The heart of the matter

We reported that Enzo Amore has huge backstage stage heat and why in a previous article, which you can read here.

Following on from that, we have learned that putting Enzo in a shark cage is one of WWE's ways of punishing Amore for his indiscretions. According to our source, the WWE are keen to make an example of Enzo, however, the company have NO PLANS to fire him, as he is one of the company's top merchandise sellers, outselling "many names that would surprise you."

What's next?

SummerSlam takes place this Sunday and will emanate from Brooklyn. Enzo will be placed in a shark cage, whilst his former partner Big Cass battles the Big Show.

Author's Take

This certainly is a unique way to punish a talent. It would be interesting to know how WWE came to learn about Enzo's fear of heights. It'll be also interesting to see Enzo's body language whilst elevated high above the ring at SummerSlam this Sunday.

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