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Interview: Liverpool’s own superstar Zack Gibson discusses Rey Mysterio & more

Harry Kettle
305   //    01 Feb 2018, 21:43 IST

Gibson will square off against Rey Mysterio tonight
Gibson will square off against Rey Mysterio tonight

For those of you who don’t know, Liverpool has always been known as a city of champions. Whether it be through football or combat sports, Merseyside tends to house some of the world’s greatest athletes throughout a variety of athletic competitions.

One of the latest names rising up through the ranks is independent superstar Zack Gibson, who is known for his brash trash talk in addition to his proud Scouse background.

We here at Sportskeeda had the chance to speak with Gibson, and we can wholeheartedly confirm that this guy is legit.

“They’ve got massive, ambitious goals in mind [5 Star Wrestling]. For any company to walk straight into three hours of live television, filmed at different arenas up and down the country every Thursday, that’s a massive undertaking.

He added the following:

It’s quite refreshing to be surrounded by people with such big ambitions, and it’s rubbing off of the talent. Everyone can see the potential, and everyone is coming together to try and get the most out of it.”

Gibson has been a featured member of the British wrestling scene for years now, with his work being showcased in promotions such as ICW and Progress to name a few.

The Liverpudlian has the heart of a warrior as he continues to strive for greatness, and tonight, he’ll take another big step towards his becoming a superstar around the world.

Gibson will be a part of 5 Star Wrestling’s huge arena tour over the next few months, and tonight, things will kick off with a big show at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.


Fans in the UK will be able to watch the action live on FreeSports, with supporters from around the globe also being able to catch a glimpse of the event over social media.

But competing in his hometown isn’t the only great thing about this evening – because Gibson will also be squaring off against the one and only Rey Mysterio.

“There are multiple reasons why this is such a big match for me. One of them being that I’m being thrust into the limelight against a guy who, one day, will just walk into the Hall of Fame.

He went on to say the following:

Now that he’s just been featured in the Royal Rumble, all eyes are on him, and any match with him is going to bring a lot more eyes to me.”

Mr 619 himself has also been signed by 5 Star to take part in the tour, with this being his first major appearance since his surprise entry into the 2018 Royal Rumble match.

While Rey may not be returning to the WWE on a permanent basis you’ll still be able to see him compete for a variety of different companies, and when you consider that it’ll be Zack Gibson who he faces tonight, you just know that we’re in for a slobber knocker of a bout.

“There’s a very achievable dream match, which I’ve already had a bit of a taster for. Growing up around 99 to 2000 to 2001, Rob Van Dam was one of the guys that made me fall in love with the sport. He’s currently signed to 5 Star, so a one on one with RVD would be pretty special.”

Gibson isn’t the most conventional performer you’ll ever see and that’s why he’s so great. He makes up for that with his in-ring prowess in addition to his phenomenal character work.

Plus, his personality is fantastic, and it turns out that football & surfing are also two of his other passions. Seriously, how can you dislike this guy?

Keep your eye on Zack Gibson and 5 Star Wrestling, because as Edge & Christian would say, they’re both strapped to a rocket ship.

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