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SK's Take on a huge match that WWE could be planning for SummerSlam

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This year's SummerSlam will be an interesting event
This year's SummerSlam will be an interesting event

Daniel Bryan and The Miz made the WWE Universe believe that there was real life hatred between them after a number of passionate promos when the former was the General Manager of SmackDown Live.

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The legendary Talking Smack promo was one of the highlights of their rivalry, and it was hoped that when Bryan was cleared for action back in March, he and The Miz would finally be able to have the showdown in the ring that they had promised.

Recent reports suggest that WWE could be slowly starting to build Bryan vs The Miz for SummerSlam and the build-up to this match could begin next weekend at Money in the Bank. Bryan is taking on Big Cass and according to The Express, it's expected that Miz will interfere in Bryan's match and start the build whilst also end the feud between the seven-foot star and Bryan who already faced off at Backlash.

The Miz and Bryan have a natural chemistry in the ring and as soon as the former Intercontinental Champion was moved over to SmackDown Live as part of the Superstar Shakeup back in April, Bryan had to Tweet him and welcome him to the brand in his own way.

The Miz obviously had a reaction to this post as well, but there has been no other build towards a feud from the duo over the past two months, which could be because WWE was saving it for SummerSlam.

The feud between Big Cass and Daniel Bryan has felt forced over the past few weeks but involving The Miz would definitely boost both men, especially since this could be a hint that it won't be The Miz who will be winning the Money in the Bank contract this year.

This is a deeply personal rivalry that the WWE Universe has been hoping the company would revisit ever since will the former World Champion was cleared and if Brock Lesnar isn't there to defend his Universal Championship at The Biggest Party of the Summer than this is a more than adequate substitute for the main event.

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