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SK's Take on Dean Ambrose turning heel at Survivor Series 

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Dean Ambrose could turn on The Shield at Survivor Series
Dean Ambrose could turn on The Shield at Survivor Series

Dean Ambrose returned to WWE back in August when he was called back to the company by Seth Rollins to help him overcome the threat of Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Ever since his return, he's slipped into a Shield reunion where Braun Strowman has joined The Dogs of War and they have convinced The Lunatic Fringe that he would be better if he wasn't a third of The Shield.

Many fans expected a heel turn to take place in Australia this past weekend and whilst it was teased as part of their six-man tag match, it wasn't something that actually happened. There are theories that the fact that WWE's storylines are pointing towards a heel turn for Ambrose means that he won't actually turn and instead it could be Roman Reigns who is the one who makes the turn.

Bryan Alvarez weighed in on the speculation of a heel turn on the most recent episode of The Wrestling Observer, where he pointed out that he thought that the feud would be stretched to Survivor Series next month and Ambrose would then finally snap.

This is perhaps the most obvious place for a heel turn since The Big Show made the Survivor Series heel turn famous. Whilst it would be interesting to see how a heel turn in the middle of a Survivor Series match was structured, it's more likely that WWE will wait until the end of the year.

TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs has The Dogs of War vs The Shield listed as one of the matches in December, which could mean that Survivor Series may not be the location of Ambrose's heel turn, but never say never in WWE, since usually, the most obvious scenario is the one that WWE decides on.

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