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SK's take on the rumored ladder match for the US title and Dolph Ziggler's return

Daniel Wood
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Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match for two United States Titles? Count me in
Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match for two United States Titles? Count me in

There is a ton of speculation surrounding the WWE United States title plans following Dolph Ziggler abandoning the United States Title in the middle of the ring. We know that the WWE is holding a United States Title Tournament to crown a new champion, but it's still unclear where Ziggler fits in afterwards. Pro Wrestling Rumour Twitter page Wrestlevotes has shared some speculation on this matter

Wrestlevotes has a hit-and-miss reputation when it comes to breaking wrestling rumours, they were at the centre of the news of Neville quitting the WWE, but have since been accused of lifting news from other sources and presenting it as their own.

However, as I can't seem to find the source of this information anywhere else, this seems to be a genuine scoop for the Twitter page.

So, what have they said? They've stated that one idea that is being discussed is to redo the Wrestlemania X ladder match dual belt storyline. If you remember that ladder match was between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon who were arguing over who was the 'rightful' Intercontinental Champion.

To resolve this they competed in a ladder match with both belts hanging above the ring and the first person to reach both belts was the winner.

As you can imagine this kind of match would be a good fit for the current United States storyline on SmackDown LIVE but there are a number of things that would need to happen in order for it to make sense.

For starters, there is still currently only one United States Championship, with the winner of the tournament set to receive the belt that Ziggler himself left in the middle of the ring. So the WWE would need to introduce a second belt in order for a dual belt match to make sense.

Ziggler returning to reclaim his belt in a Ladder match would be something that I can see happening, but at the moment there are conflicting reports about Ziggler's status with the WWE, with some sites stating that his contract has in fact retired.

So, If I was a betting man, this is something that I'd probably bet against happening as it just doesn't seem likely given the ambiguity around Ziggler's future with the company, the processes that would need to happen that don't seem to be in motion yet, and the questionable validity of the source. But, if it does happen, it'd be a great match regardless of who eventually wins the United States Title Tournament.

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