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SK's Take on Matt Hardy possibly confirming retirement tour in latest tweet

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Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt took on The Revival in a Tag Team Match
Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt took on The Revival in a Tag Team Match

Recently WWE fans were sent into a spiral of confusion, discussion and utter shock when Matt Hardy appeared to tease his retirement in an Instagram post on his profile.

The comments were like an artillery barrage all begging him to not retire or seeking confirmation of his status, however, no answer came their way. 

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The post in question saw Matt thanking all the people who had supported him over the years in every stage of his career. You can see it here:

The lack of answers made sure that the incessant buzz or the Internet Wrestling Community did now die down. Fans mourned as they thought that Matt's retirement was imminent.

Finally, another tweet came from Matt Hardy. However, instead of making the rumours go away, it added further fuel to the flame, followed by another Instagram post. 


To all of the great fans that supported me on this amazing journey.. THANK YOU.

A post shared by #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@matthardybrand) on

In his tweet, Matt Hardy mentioned several dates of his upcoming WWE tour and then mentioned that fans better come and see him, to get their "dose of Woken Wisdom" while they can. 

While this is nothing more than speculation at this point, it sounded like Matt Hardy was hinting at his retirement from professional wrestling, or at least from WWE.

Since coming to the company, he has not had the same success he had with Impact Wrestling earlier, and this could be his way of saying he may leave the company in the distant future.

Putting the idea of retirement aside, however, there remains another possibility. 

In Impact Wrestling, Matt Hardy's gimmick was that he was 'Broken'. Due to the confusion about who owned the gimmick at the beginning of his run, he was pushed as 'Woken' instead. Since that time, however, Impact Wrestling forfeited their rights to the 'Broken' character, and he is free to use it.

The tweets and Instagram posts could be hints from Matt, letting fans know that he is set to transition to the edgier 'Broken' gimmick, from the family-friendly 'Woken' gimmick.

Hardy is a veteran in the ring, and at manipulating how the audience thinks. He can play the audience like an instrument, so all of this could be leading to a change in his gimmick, and nothing more.

For fans, however, it remains difficult to get rid of that one kernel of doubt, whether he might retire after all.

What do you think Matt Hardy meant by the tweets and the Instagram posts? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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