SK's take on Seth Rollins and AJ Styles trading brands following WrestleMania 

AJ and Seth could be trading places after WrestleMania
AJ and Seth could be trading places after WrestleMania

WWE's brand split pay-per-views come to an end following this year's WrestleMania, but it seems that SmackDown and Raw will remain their own entities. There has been speculation that there will be another WWE Draft in May around the time of Backlash that could see some huge stars trading brands for the foreseeable future.

The biggest rumour surrounding the upcoming draft right now is that Seth Rollins could be set to be traded to SmackDown whilst AJ Styles could end up on Raw. This speculation was rife around the time of the superstar shakeup last year, where neither star switched brands because it was thought that Rollins would be better used on Raw alongside his Shield teammates and Styles was a much-needed draw on SmackDown Live, where he is the current WWE Champion.

Of course, there are different circumstances right now and it could easily be believed that Styles current storyline could lead him to move to Raw since he currently has an issue with The Authority figures on SmackDown Live who have put him in a fatal five-way match at Fastlane in two weeks time. This could be a hint that he may drop his WWE Championship to Nakamura at WrestleMania though since it's unlikely that Roman Reigns would be traded to SmackDown to give the brand a World Champion.

Rollins was rumoured to be picking up a feud with Dean Ambrose when he makes his return to the company following injury since the company made a point of making it look as though the injury was Ambrose's fault.

The former World Champion could be in a much better position on SmackDown Live but with the current speculation surrounding The Architect stating that he could be feuding with Roman Reigns coming out of WrestleMania, it seems highly unlikely that WWE would allow this feud to take place on SmackDown Live rather than Raw.

AJ is a huge face on SmackDown right now, which means that if he is going to be traded over to Raw then the company need to ensure that there is someone who is of equal value to the brand taking his place. However, it is also well known that Vince McMahon wants to revisit the AJ Styles-Roman Reigns feud at some point.

There will be a lot of speculation over the next few weeks as there always is surrounding drafts but it seems that Dave Meltzer on a recent episode of The Wrestling Observer where he revealed that there was "some talk" of the two stars switching brands is the main reason these rumours have continued to be fuelled over the past days.

It is an interesting time of year and it seems that even the biggest stars in the company aren't safe from being traded in this year's upcoming draft.

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