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SK Spoofs: Roman Reigns saves kittens from fire but gets booed for doing it in a vest

Reigns apparently can't do anything to get over with the WWE Universe.

Roman Reigns saved five kittens, but he probably could’ve saved six if he wasn’t wearing that darn vest.

WWE superstar Roman Reigns saved a basket of kittens from an electrical fire at a RAW-branded WWE Live Event in Topeka, Kansas, but fans immediately turned on him with a chorus of boos.

It was said that the five extra-cuddly kittens were extremely close to perishing before Reigns stepped in, suffering slight burns on his forearms in the process. Still, the fans were not pleased with the three-time world champion’s actions.

“I mean, honestly, with that tactical vest on, I’m not sure he was ever in any real danger,” said Robert Johnson, a Topeka grocery store clerk who lives in his mother’s basement. “And I’m pretty sure CM Punk would’ve saved six kittens.”

There were only five kittens confirmed to be on site at the time of the incident. No one is certain why there was a basket of kittens at a WWE event in the first place.

Johnson also said that he might have been more impressed with Reigns if he had some experience in smaller kitten-saving experiences first.

“I mean, maybe if he had saved kittens in one of the independent circuits, he wouldn’t have been so predictable,” Johnson noted. “But geez, he had the same three moves: Run in there, grab the kittens, run out.”

He wasn’t the only fan who responded negatively to Reigns’ life-saving measures. The former Shield member was the first to realise that there were tiny cats’ lives at stake and ran to the fire, which was located near the ramp. After a brief but loud cheer, the crowd immediately shifted to boos.

“I mean, yeah, my first response was to clap and yell because saving kittens is pretty cool,” said George Smith, who runs his own Daniel Bryan fan page. “But then I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m sure Vince McMahon set that fire just to get Reigns over.’”

The WWE would not confirm McMahon’s involvement in the fire or his reaction to Reigns’ feat.

Reigns has, of course, had something of a rocky relationship with the WWE fans. He rose to popularity as the Shield shifted from a heel stable to faces in early 2014 and was even a crowd favourite while eliminating 12 men in the 2014 Royal Rumble before being the last man eliminated by Batista. Fans have since soured on Reigns once he was viewed as clearly a favourite of McMahon and clearly not named Daniel Bryan.

When reached for comment, Reigns said he was just glad that he was there to help the five adorable furballs.

“You know, when the Big Dog goes to save kittens, he brings the big fight,” Reigns said. “These aren’t good kittens, they aren’t bad kittens; they’re THE kittens. OOOOOOAAAAA!”

Backstage reports indicate that after his act of heroism, Reigns could be slated for a triple threat with both WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and Universal Champion Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 and is expected to come away with both titles after kicking out of a Sister Abigail and a Jackhammer.

Disclaimer: This is a spoof article and the views expressed should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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