SK WWE Exclusive: Brock Lesnar is on the Hall of Fame list for the FIRST time ever

Brock and Kurt are still great friends

What’s the story

As we revealed on The “Dirty Sheets” podcast via our DS Breaking News show (below), Brock Lesnar has told WWE officials that he will be attending WWE Hall of Fame ceremony for the first time ever in his career. What’s even more surprising, is that Lesnar actually reached out to the WWE himself about attending and was not asked to attend. A source has revealed that the current guest list also includes, Paul Heyman, Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Bobby Lashley, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jake Roberts, Karen Angle, Edge and Christian (who is still being talked about as a candidate).

In case you didn’t know

Brock is known for being very private and kind of a recluse. He doesn't socialize at all backstage with other Superstars. The Beast Incarnate doesn't have a good rapport due to his money only motive and absolutely no loyalty to the company or even to the pro-wrestling. He was born and raised at a farm and never really had a financially sound upbringing, a reason perhaps behind his money mindedness. Below, is a blurb from Brock’s own book, where Brock actually talks about himself and how he is an interovert

“It's very basic for me. When I go home, I don't buy into any of the bullshit. Like I said, it's pretty basic: train, sleep, family, fight. It's my life. I like it. I was a star at the University of Minnesota. I went on to WWE. Wannabe NFL player. And here I am, the UFC Heavyweight Champion. I just don't put myself out there to the fans and prostitute my private life to everybody. In today's day and age, with the Internet and cameras and cell phones, I just like being old school and living in the woods and living my life. I came from nothing, and at any moment, you can go back to having nothing.”

The heart of the matter

This really wouldn’t be a big story if it was anyone else unless maybe it someone like Hulk Hogan, who WWE are also considering inviting. However, as explained, Brock Lesnar has zero interest in interacting with people. One can only assume that Lesnar established a strong bond with Kurt Angle and still has a friendship with him.

He also must have a high level of respect for him, and therefore he has reached out to the WWE and asked to attend his friend’s Hall of Fame induction. It is unknown whether or not Brock will attend the entire event or even if he was asked to attend by Kurt himself. All my source can confirm is that Brock has told officials he wants to attend, so he will be there.

What’s next?

This is the time of year when the WWE makes every effort they can to step up their performance. With Wrestlemania around the corner, they want to make sure more and more people are watching The Granddaddy of them All. It’s also the time to reflect and honor the past, as they start announcing WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017.

Rumored names for this year’s class including Rick Rude, IRS, Christian, Beth Phoenix and William Regal. Kurt Angle, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Teddy Long and DDP have already been announced. The WWE Hall Fame 2017 will take place in Orlando, Florida on Friday 31st March 2017.

Sportskeeda’s take

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar are said to have bonded during their program ahead of WrestleMania 19. There was initially some friction between these two, but it was apparently short-lived. Lesnar and Angle became close friends afterward, and during an interview in 2015, Angle went on to say that Lesnar is one of his best friends in the wrestling business with the other being Big Show.

When Angle spoke to WhatCulture last year, he said that that beating Lesnar in Japan was one of the highlights of his career. He even claimed that it was actually Lesnar's choice to lose to him, and he wouldn't just drop the title to anyone.

“Being able to wrestle him over there and win the title from him and make him tap out was a highlight moment for me," Angle said. "I did that before — I think it was SummerSlam, a couple of years prior to that — but it was great to get back in that ring with Brock when he was actually with MMA and I was in TNA.

"I never thought our paths would cross again, but they wanted to take the title off of Brock and Brock said, 'Listen ... I'm not just going to lose to anybody,'" Angle continued. "And they said, 'Well, who will you lose to?' And he said, 'Why don't you get Kurt Angle over here?' It was Brock Lesnar's choice to lose the title to me and I felt honoured by it."

When CM Punk appeared on Colt Cabana’s podcast, he made it clear that if you have an epic encounter with an opponent between the ropes, you seem to develop a bond for a lifetime.Angle and Lesnar’s relationship might be the proof of this.

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