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SK WWE Exclusive: The truth about Brock Lesnar's future

Billi Bhatti
6.44K   //    04 Aug 2017, 05:12 IST

Is Brock Lesnar really leaving WWE for another UFC run?

What's the story?

The Dirty Sheets recently revealed the truth about Brock Lesnar's future via our "DS Breaking News" video on our YouTube channel,

You can view the video below:

In case you didn't know...

Rumours are suggesting that Brock Lesnar will drop his WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam in a Fatal 4 Way, which will feature Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. The Dirty Sheets and Sportskeeda collectively broke the news that this match would be the SummerSlam Main Event, long before it announced.

You can read the story here: SK Exclusive: Main Event plans for WWE SummerSlam 2017 revealed

The heart of the matter

The recent reports of Brock Lesnar leaving WWE and dropping his Universal Title at SummerSlam was confirmed to be wrong and we can reveal that internally, WWE has no intention to let Brock Lesnar fight for UFC again under his current WWE deal.

The stipulation that Lesnar will leave the WWE if he loses at SummerSlam, is simply to swerve smart fans who believe the rumours that Brock Lesnar will be leaving the WWE to rejoin UFC and fight Jon Jones.

WWE does not feel that the last time they allowed Brock to fight for the UFC, whilst under a WWE contract, was beneficial for them. In fact, they received a lot of negative press scrutinizing their wellness policy after Brock failed his USADA drug test, forcing the company to admit that part-time talents did not qualify for their Wellness policy.

What's next?

If Brock is to fight Jones, it won't be until next summer, after his WWE deal ends in April. A UFC fight for Lesnar in early 2018 is said to be totally out of the question, as the WWE will need Brock for both the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 34. He is set to have a key role on both shows. He also being advertised for No Mercy on September 24th, the next Raw exclusive PPV.

Author's Take

WWE and Brock himself are both likely to want to extend Brock's deal, despite the company's recent cost cutting measures. Brock considers WWE as easy money.

However, I do believe the Jon Jones mega fight will take place next summer, as Brock can make between $6-$8 million for just one fight if he fights Jon Jones. The fact that Brock is lobbying for a super-fight at catchweight, which he is very likely to lose, rather than a winnable fight in his own division, proves that he sees no long-term future in the UFC. Brock isn't interested in climbing the UFC ladder. I believe that one more big UFC payday and another 3 year deal with the WWE will satisfy Brock's appetite for money. If he can secure both, he could be looking at pocketing in excess of $17 million over the next 3 years.

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