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SK WWE Power Rankings: 19 December, 2016

Here is how the Power Rankings shaped up after Roadblock.

Reigns failed to get the titles from Owens

The impact of Roadblock on the Power Rankings turned out to be huge. Exclusive to Raw, Roadblock had some strong performances overall, and being under such a big pay-per-view spotlight, helped the Superstars of Monday Night Raw get a slight upper hand over their counterparts on SmackDown.

But most importantly, with Roadblock in the books, we are now on Road to Royal Rumble. The importance of the Rumble cannot be stressed enough and before we begin our journey towards the grand event, here is a look at how the Power Rankings have shaped up ahead of this upcoming week of WWE programming.

#10 Cesaro and Sheamus (NR)

And new...

New Day broke Demolition’s record this past week. But the celebrations did not last long for the New Day as Cesaro and Sheamus ended the long reign to take home the Raw Tag Team Championships. The win is something that would shake up the entire tag team division, and it’s safe to say that these two deserve the gold.

Thanks to their win on Sunday night, Cesaro and Sheamus make an entry into the power rankings after a long break. And if they are going to have a long reign with the titles, then they could rise the rankings gradually.  

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