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SmackDown Live: 5 theories on why Sami Zayn was given a shot at the WWE Championship

  • Sami Zayn came close to winning the WWE Title after putting Kingston through 3 Blue Thunderbombs!
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:58 IST

Zayn got a shot at the title
Zayn got a shot at the title

After a rather absurd episode of RAW, we had a slightly better SmackDown Live. The highlight of the show was Kofi Kingston as he defended his WWE Championship once again.

This time, however, it was against RAW Superstars AJ Styles and Sami Zayn, unlike yesterday, where he had to defend his title against a SmackDown Superstar on RAW.

The other highlight of the show was Daniel Bryan and Rowan being crowned as the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, as it was completely unexpected and a good decision.

However, this article is not about that. Instead, it is about Sami Zayn being given a shot at the WWE Title on SmackDown last night – something not many had expected.

So why did WWE do that? Here are 5 theories…

#5 Change

All he has been doing is ripping the fans apart
All he has been doing is ripping the fans apart

What has Sami Zayn been doing ever since he returned from injury? He comes out to the ring and then proceeds to go on a rant about how the WWE fans are just terrible people and are not good for anything at all.

In the first few weeks, it felt good – simply because most of the things he said was right. Secondly, Zayn is an exceptional talent when it comes to cutting promos and his top-notch work on the mic easily manipulates the crowd.

But after weeks of doing the same thing – even if it is done by the best – monotony hits in and you don’t necessarily enjoy it, regardless of how well it is executed.


The same thing was happening with Zayn. Even though he is brilliant, fans were getting bored of the same things he was spewing every single week.

As a result, a change was needed and WWE gave us just that when they put him in a title match against Kingston and AJ Styles. 

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Published 08 May 2019, 17:45 IST
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