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SmackDown Superstar criticises WWE's latest booking decisions

Published Jan 14, 2020
Jan 14, 2020 IST

WWE have a huge roster pool which means that certain Superstars will not get opportunities on the promotion's shows, while other Superstars will get a few chances to show what they're capable of.

SmackDown Superstar Ember Moon, on a recent appearance at Booker T's Hall of Fame podcast, was critical of WWE's handling of mid-card talents, and the opportunities that they have been given.

 "Now, it's weird because we only have four guys each show that we're constantly building up despite everyone else. Occasionally, they'll bring an Humberto [Carrillo] in, but you only see one new person in that little angle and then they disappear for a while."

She said that WWE pushes just a handful of Superstars, while the other talented mid-card talents, the likes of Humberto Carrillo, Akira Tozawa, or Drew Gulak, need to be built well on RAW and SmackDown to eventually face top Superstars, rather than have great matches "for no reason"

"Now, when I feel like I turn on the TV, when I see Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander, I don't believe that Cedric Alexander is going to win even though he's a phenomenal athlete and former Cruiserweight Champion. I don't believe it because they haven't done anything to make me care about it. He jumped off the stage once. With the roster being so big, maybe we need a rotating roster. I feel like we've lost that ability to tell stories with the lower card." (H/T Fightful)

She also suggested that WWE should perhaps have a "rotating roster" to give Superstars lower down the card to have an opportunity to showcase their stories too.

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