Solo Sikoa should add 39-year-old WWE star to The Bloodline after King and Queen of the Ring; The Rock already teased it

Solo Sikoa has taken over The Bloodline on SmackDown
Solo Sikoa has taken over The Bloodline on SmackDown

In the aftermath of WrestleMania 40, Solo Sikoa seems to have taken charge of The Bloodline. While Sikoa claims he is in constant touch with Roman Reigns, his actions on SmackDown don't seem like something The Tribal Chief would normally approve of.

However, Sikoa continues to do what he feels like, and it has got him results for the most part. One of the most notable changes The Enforcer has brought to The Bloodline is the addition of new members like Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. Both these superstars have proven to be valuable assets for The Bloodline in recent weeks.

However, apart from these two, it might be time that Sikoa adds another superstar to the faction. The Superstar in question is 39-year-old, Nia Jax. In this article, we will look at why Sikoa must add Jax to the faction.

Solo Sikoa is drawn to winners and Nia Jax is one


Solo Sikoa seems to be obsessed with winning. An example of this was seen when Sikoa led a beatdown on his own brother Jimmy Uso after the latter failed to beat Jey Uso at WrestleMania 40. This was an early indication that Sikoa was looking for winners to be in his faction.

This is where Nia Jax could be the perfect fit. At the recently concluded WWE King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia, Jax proved herself yet again by beating Lyra Valkyria to become the Queen of the Ring. The Irresistible Force is a proven winner and it would make absolute sense for Sikoa to add her to The Bloodline.

Nia Jax can be the first female addition to The Bloodline


The Bloodline has been a game-changing faction for WWE. Under Roman Reigns' leadership, the faction experienced tremendous growth which also resulted in success for WWE. However, the one thing the faction has always lacked is the presence of a female member.

This is where Nia Jax could come into play. Given how dominant The Bloodline has been, Solo Sikoa could want a very dominant female superstar if he wanted to to add one to the faction, and no one could fit that criteria better than Jax.

Nia Jax is family!

The most important thing that makes Nia Jax the most eligible female wrestler to be inducted into the faction is that she is The Bloodline. The Rock had already teased this at the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press event. The Bloodline family tree was displayed when The Final Boss and Roman Reigns confronted Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins for the first time.

The family tree displayed on the screen contained Nia Jax's name along with Naomi's. However, The Bloodline is a heel faction and it would seem more appropriate for Solo Sikoa to approach Jax and ask her to join them instead of Naomi. It would also give Nia the last laugh after Naomi recently crossed out the former's name from the family tree.

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