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Speculated plan for Aalyah Mysterio after teaser of a romantic angle with Murphy revealed 

WWE dropped a big teaser on RAW.
WWE dropped a big teaser on RAW.
Modified 15 Sep 2020, 18:13 IST

If the teaser on RAW was anything to go by, then Rey Mysterio's daughter Aalyah may very well become a regular on-screen character sooner rather than later.

Seth Rollins finally snapped and unleashed a brutal beatdown on Murphy following his win over Dominik in a Steel Cage match. As Murphy struggled with the pain outside the ring, Aalyah checked on Rollins' disciple before she entered the ring.

The moment between Aalyah and Murphy has given rise to speculation that WWE could be teasing an on-screen romantic angle. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the post-match segment on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio.

Dave Meltzer speculated that Aalyah might end up hooking up with Murphy as the RAW segment seemed clearly designed to lead up to the angle.

Bryan Alvarez's Interesting idea for Aalyah

However, Alvarez believed that there is also a chance that Aalyah hooks up with Seth Rollins as Murphy may never leave the Monday Night Messiah's side.

Alvarez then pitched a storyline in which he said he would like to see Aalyah align with Seth Rollins and Murphy. The feud between the Monday Night Messiah and the Mysterios gets another layer, and WWE can stretch it till WrestleMania.


At the Show of Shows, Alvarez said that a Tag Team titles match with Rey and Dominik teaming up to take on Seth Rollins and Murphy - with Aalyah in the heels' corner - sounds like a solid match to book.

In the meantime, Aalyah doesn't even need to wrestle as she can help Seth Rollins win a few matches and increase the heat towards the heel.

Here's what Meltzer and Alvarez discussed on the Wrestling Observer Radio:

Meltzer: I guess it's the idea that, well, we can see what it is. Somehow Aalyah is getting hooked up with Murphy. That's the end result of all this.

Alvarez: I figured she was getting hooked up with Seth.

Meltzer: She is getting hooked up with Murphy. She may end up with Seth because Murphy may never leave Seth, no matter what, so yeah, that's possible!


Alvarez: She's going to get into the cage. The whole family is going in to take a look at Dominik. Seth had gone out outside to beat the hell out of Murphy; he slams the cage on his head, Murphy is dead. So on the way in, Aalyah, I guess we have to change the other Aalyah's name, as Rey's daughter is getting into the cage, she stops and checks on Murphy and then she gets into the cage, and I figure, Murphy is going babyface, so why would she end up with Murphy unless he stays with Seth. If he stays with Seth, then she's got to end up with this group because if she is a heel with Seth, she doesn't have to wrestle, I mean, she just has to be there as heat and help him win every now and then. There is your Mysterio family story; I mean, you can go with this all the way up till WrestleMania. Well, hopefully, they do Rey and Dominik vs. Seth and Murphy with Aalyah for the tag team titles.

Meltzer: With Aalyah as a prize?

Alvarez: I don't know if she is a prize, but she's with them, but it should be for the tag team titles at WrestleMania.

Meltzer: Yeah, I mean, they could do that sure.

What do you guys think? Should WWE book Aalyah to turn on her family?

Published 15 Sep 2020, 18:13 IST
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