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It's that time again! 
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It's that time of year again when we hand out our annual Sportskeeda year-end awards! We take a look back at the year that was, and recount some of the incredible moments that made 2016 memorable.

This year has provided us with plenty of events that made an impact on the entire industry. Due to the brand-split we had earlier in the year, we've seen more pay-per-views than normal, with Raw and SmackDown receiving their own event each month, respectively. With that said, we have narrowed the list of top pay-per-views, down to five.

In order to come up with the overall top pay-per-view of the year, we did a Facebook poll recently, and the results from that poll have played a significant role in determining the top pay-per-view of 2016. You can see the poll below:

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the top 5 pay-per-view's of 2016, capped off with the number one pay-per-view event of the year.

#5 2016 SummerSlam

The demon king claims his prize!

The summer’s hottest event starts our list off at number 5. This year's SummerSlam gave us an impressive 12 matches on the card, topped off with some incredible top bouts, including Brock Lesnar facing Randy Orton and Finn Bálor defeating Seth Rollins, thus becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion.

Charlotte took down Sasha Banks in a great women's contest, for the WWE Women’s Title. Let us not forget that it was also on this night that AJ Styles dethroned John Cena as the self-proclaimed "face that runs the place," when the two superstars faced off in singles competition.

All of these matches, plus several others ensures that the 2016 SummerSlam pay-per-view comes in at number five.

#4 2016 Survivor Series

No one expected what happened less than two minutes after this very moment.

The Superstars of both Raw and SmackDown Live collided on this November night, for brand supremacy in what was the 30th Survivor Series event, since it's inception.

Some eyes were on the battle of the brands, with Team Raw and Team SmackDown Live going head-to-head, as both male and female Superstars took part in a 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series match.

However, the big story of the evening was centred around the match that was billed as "fantasy warfare" coming to life. It was the mega rematch between the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, and his long time foe, Goldberg.

As the combatants made their entrances, fans all over the arena were on their feet, anticipating who would strike first in this battle of monsters. Much to the surprise of everyone in attendance, as well as fans watching from all over the world, Goldberg dominated Lesnar, in what looked more like one of his infamous WCW squash matches from the nineties.

Only problem was, this was no jobber he was dominating, in fact, it was the biggest name in the sport today; the ONE in 21 and 1, the Conqueror, Brock Lesnar.

It took all of one minute and twenty-six seconds for Goldberg to pin Lesnar. On a night that was supposed to see an old fashioned, back-and-forth ground and pound brawl, we got a one-sided domination from a guy who hasn't seen action in over a decade.

#3 2016 Battleground

The three members of The Shield, all in one ring, at one time.

It was a hot night in the Nation's Capital, as all the top stars of the WWE made their way out to The Verizon Center, in Washington D.C., for what would be the final pay-per-view event before the brand split.

This particular event featured nine big matches, including six-man tag team action, where John Cena, Enzo & Cass defeated AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows of The Club. We also saw an epic grudge match in which Sami Zayn defeated his former best friend Kevin Owens, and The Wyatt Family took down The New Day.

However, the major focus of the show surrounded the main-event.

In the night’s main event, we would finally see all three former members of The Shield in the same ring, at the same time. However, this would not be the reunion that many fans wanted. Instead, this was a triple-threat match for the WWE Championship, which was held by Dean Ambrose.

In the end, it would be the Lunatic Fringe who came out on top, retaining his title.

#2 2016 Royal Rumble

The biggest debut of 2016!

The Royal Rumble has always been one of the most exciting, and from a viewer’s standpoint, one of the most fun events to watch all year. The unpredictability of not knowing who will come out next, in the Rumble Match, is enough to sell the event alone. But this year, there was an added element to the Royal Rumble Match, which made things even more exciting.

The winner of the Rumble match would also claim the WWE Championship, as well as guarantee themselves a spot in the main event at Wrestlemania. As we all now know, it was The Game, Triple H who came out on top, as the last man standing in the Rumble match.

But, the bigger surprise of the night, came with the third entrant of the Royal Rumble match. After weeks of rumours and speculation, ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles made his WWE debut, as he made his entrance into the Rumble match at number three.

WINNER- 2016 Sportskeeda PPV of the year: Wrestlemania 32

Shane-O-Mac awaiting his nemesis.

Let's be honest, even at its worst, Wrestlemania is, and always will be the biggest event of the year, for all wrestling fans. The overall spectacle that Wrestlemania has grown into is simply something that just cannot be topped. All the stars from the past, as well as the most promising stars of tomorrow, all make their way to one place, Wrestlemania.

This year's Wrestlemania was special for several reasons, one being the venue. Over one hundred thousand screaming WWE fanatics packed The AT&T Stadium for the 32nd annual Wrestlemania. The lights, the pyro, the staging, and the added theatrical elements all came together to make this year's Wrestlemania bigger than ever.

Including the pre-show, there was a total of 12 matches on tap for Wrestlemania 32. Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose went head-to-head, in a no-holds-barred street fight. Zack Ryder captured the Intercontinental Championship, when he climbed the ladder, to claim the title.

The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon, in a Hell in a Cell match, which showed the entire world that Shane-O-Mac definitely still has it. We also saw The Rock come back in an impromptu contest, to defeat Erick Rowan in all of six seconds, and of course, Roman Reigns defeated Triple H, to become the new WWE Champion.

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