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Sting returns, looking for a fight

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Sting is back!

With the reappearance of Sting tonight on Monday Night Raw, the question is obvious. Who is Sting going to battle this time around? The battle with Sting and Triple H had a slow build-up, so surely they won’t take a second turn with that match. Sting only made a few appearances throughout the televised shows. I mean, The Undertaker is about the only one who can make one or two appearances and still have an impact where we crave for his match with whoever it is with.

Since Sting was a stand-in for the statue of Seth Rollins the Authority was trying to reveal, it seems that they might be trying to build a match with Sting and Seth Rollins. Why is the WWE trying to make this over-the-top character out of Seth Rollins? It is truly downgrading his talent as a wrestler. This whiny lapdog begging at the Authorities feet is such a waste of the high quality that Seth Rollins can bring. If you go back and watch his matches from before he was “Seth Rollins”, you’ll see the depth that he can go in regards to his wrestling ability.

If in fact the WWE were making a match between Seth Rollins and Sting, it would be a wise testament to the talent of the WWE champion to allow him to showcase his wrestling abilities in a match of that magnitude. Now he has the World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship to live up to. Let him live up to the prestige of those two titles. Sadly, though, the WWE has him holding a microphone and proclaiming his worthiness every night instead of beating someone down to prove it.

I’m not sure why Sting is back, but it was an interesting detail to add to Raw tonight. Of course, Jon Stewart getting an AA from John Cena was pretty entertaining as well. The banter between the two Johns’ was far from grand. However, Jon Stewart’s appearance did bring Ric Flair out. Anytime Ric Flair makes an appearance, it’s a good night. It was kind of expected that some sort of physical defeat was going to take place once Cena’s music hit.

Having John Cena out before the celebration for Rollins was to take place, brought disappointment. To have Seth Rollins, John Cena, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Sting all in the same ring together would have been a sight to see to say the least. Maybe there could have been a match that formed from that interaction, such as a tag team of Seth Rollins and Triple H against John Cena and Sting. Perhaps it could go that direction, but it’s very unlikely. The more probable scenario is a rematch between Sting and Triple H.

After the hype of Sting and Triple H at Wrestlemania bringing a match far from the advertised replays they kept going, it is a weird thought of seeing them fight again. I mean, what are they going to do different this around? For a half second, seeing Triple H and Sting battling against each other was pretty neat. However, the best part of the match was Triple H’s entrance. Is the WWE really going to repeat this match? There have been many matches were we wanted to see repeated, such as The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Unless they are going to veer off into a whole other direction that makes a match between Sting and Triple H exciting to watch again, it seems a pointless event to bring him back. Let’s hope the creative minds of WWE have something better up their sleeve this time.

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