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Sting's shot at WWE Immortality

Sayan ghosh
3.17K   //    05 Mar 2015, 15:22 IST
Sting is finally in the WWE and expectations are high from ‘The Icon

Over the course of an illustrious career, Sting has earned the nickname of ‘The Icon’, and quite rightfully so. The legendary wrestler has proved his mettle in both WCW and TNA, but his legacy remains unfinished as he has never competed in World Wrestling Entertainment. The superstar was always part of the fans’ choices when it came to fantasy matches involving well known wrestling figures, but they never got to experience to see these contests play out on the grand stage of them all. 

This will all change when he faces Triple H in arguably the most publicized match of this year’s WrestleMania on March 29. This match will be of utmost importance to the Icon as a victory will guarantee his position as one of the top names in the industry. 

At the age of 55, Sting is nowhere near his prime form and the last 15 years have not been kind for him. He has suffered two major injuries and his athletic capacity has been severely affected. But his presence and charisma have continued to capture the imagination of the wrestling fans and nothing short of a picture perfect match is expected of him. Anything short of perfect will be a major let down for the WWE Universe which has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. 

It has really been a very long wait for the Universe and the highly desired match with The Undertaker never materialized making this an intense affair. But luckily, he has a highly competent competitor in Triple H who will be fighting for the first time after his feud with Daniel Bryan and the Shield which earned a Match of the Year nomination. The Cerebral Assassin will be pumped up for the match, and though the contest looks highly unlikely to be a technical fight, it will certainly not lack heart. 

For the WWE, giving Sting the much-awaited victory is a complete no-brainer as a win will firmly establish him as the saviour against a tyrant like Triple H and will pave the way for an extensive future storyline. It will also have an impact on Sting merchandise sales as the fans will be backing the Icon completely when he wages war against the Authority like he has done against NWO in the past. The most important reason behind a Sting victory will be a possible WrestleMania 31 showdown against Undertaker in 2016. The plan has been there for a very long time and with both Undertaker and Sting achieving momentous victories, the stage would be set for the ultimate dream match between the two legendary characters.

Amidst all this anticipation, the fear still lurks that if the scenario does not work out, it will tarnish Sting’s legacy forever and will damage the first chance he had to WWE immortality. But the logical conclusion to this feud seems to be a well-deserved victory for the Icon which will not only solidify his spot in WWE, but will also a part of the WWE Immortals.

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