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Stone Cold Steve Austin movies - 5 awesome cameo appearances by the WWE superstar in films

Stone Cold Steve Austin has done a few memorable cameos in films
Modified 23 Nov 2016, 22:50 IST

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step into the WWE ring. His brash, irreverent anti-hero persona resonated to dizzying heights with the fans and Steve Austin is credited for signalling the dawn of the Attitude Era. His wrestling career winded down in the early 2000s and he made the shift to Hollywood.

Although his movie career did not reach the heights of The Rock, he still had a notable career after WWE. Stone Cold has starred in a number of movies with the action genre being his preferred choice. Barring that, Steve Austin has made a few impressive cameos over the years and let us take a look at 5 of the best.

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#5 Beyond the Mat

Stone Cold making a brief cameo in the documentary

Stone Cold made a brief cameo in front of the camera in the 1999 documentary directed by Barry W. Blaustein. The documentary focussed on the lives of Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Jake Roberts outside the ring with a number of wrestlers making brief cameo appearances.

Stone Cold makes a momentary appearance as himself with Mick Foley in his Mankind persona along with his family, The Rock and Shane McMahon wearing a blue vest. That was the first appearance of any sort of Austin on film.


#4 Smosh:The Movie

Stone Cold with a hilarious take on himself in the movie

This 2015 science-fiction comedy film had Stone Cold playing himself in a different persona where he advertises ice-creams before Anthony drops by unexpectedly. Stone Cold acts as an advisor to Anthony telling him how the Stone Cold Stunner, the signature finishing move of Austin, will help him resolve his problem.

Austin’s portrayal is a funny take on himself and the cameo evokes nostalgia on one end while bringing out a smile on the other.

#3 The Longest Yard

Stone Cold along with Kevin Nash and Bill Goldberg while shooting for the movie

Steve Austin made his feature film debut in this 2005 film starring Adam Sandler. Stone Cold plays a negative character of Officer Dunham who works as a guard in the prison.

Stone Cold along with his fellow officers constantly tries to foil Sandler’s character Crewe’s attempts at building a team in the prison along with fellow wrestlers Bill Goldberg and the Great Khali. Austin is also seen in the final match that takes place between the guards and inmates.

#2 Grown Ups 2

Austin as childhood bully Tommy Cavanough

Austin was seen in a cameo in the sequel to the 2010 film,”Grown Ups”, as the lead character Lenny’s childhood bully Tommy Cavanaugh. He shows a disrespectful and mean personality that scares the grown up Lenny.

Later, when they face-off in a party, Austin undergoes a change as he helps Lenny look tough in front of his bullied son. Further, in a brawl that breaks out, Austin shows a cool demeanour as he punches people attacking him.

#1 The Expendables

Stone Cold as a badass henchman in the 2010 movie, “The Expendables”

This movie, which released in 2010, was Steve Austin’s last theatrical release till 2013. In this ensemble cast action film, Stone Cold is in an antagonistic badass role as the right-hand man of James Munroe.


Austin is a ruthless, cold and calculated henchman in the movie, who shows no mercy in executing the task at hand. He shines in the fight scenes at the end of the film, especially in his final fight with Sylvester Stallone which deserves a special mention.

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