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Suggesting 5 Wrestlemania opponents for AJ Styles

Sure, we've all heard the Shane McMahon rumours. However, we can think of five other scenarios too.

Top 5 / Top 10 26 Feb 2017, 01:38 IST
5 men who can go toe-to-toe with the Phenomenal One

As WWE’s top babyface, Roman Reigns gets drowned in an ocean of jeers every week, while the company’s top heel AJ Styles has thousands chant his name in unison. Over the last year, WWE has realised how invaluable this TNA superstar is not just in terms of putting on great matches on a weekly basis, but also in carrying an entire brand on his shoulders with the help of a few other superstars.

As AJ Styles gears up for his second Wrestlemania, we look at 5 names he can create magic with. Read on, folks.

Honourable Mention: Shane McMahon

The Mania match nobody really wants to see

As fans of AJ Styles, we believe that he deserves a much bigger match than one with the prodigal son. Sure, it’ll be filled with exciting spots and AJ will definitely ensure that the match is not a disaster, but somehow the idea of this contest is underwhelming.

Shane McMahon has been in some memorable matches, but he is not a wrestler. We had heard that WWE wanted to outdo the Okada-Omega match from Wrestle Kingdom 11 at Wrestlemania 33, and with AJ and a serious competitor, this was a definite possibility.

Hence, we begin our countdown and name 5 legitimate wrestlers who can definitely give AJ Styles  5-star performance on the grandest stage.

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