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Summerslam 2015 Divas match- This is NOT a Revolution!

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What could the WWE do after what Bayley and Sasha Banks did at Takeover? Maybe the management thought - “Look we already gave you that, make do with whatever’s been put up next.”

Here’s the difference between NXT and the main roster. You don’t have to scream and mention again and again about a so- called revolution. You let your actions do all the talking. The revolution in NXT began silently and in a matter of two years we had a better idea of who Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte were. Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox and Emma were instrumental in making a foundation at developmental and make it look like the only space in WWE where women’s wrestling can thrive.

But then a heel Stephanie McMahon had to put away her heel fur for a moment to introduce a “Revolution” on the main roster. The only thing wrong about that moment on Raw was McMahon’s presence; otherwise all 9 women tore the house down.

The Summerslam Match

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All spots, no story!

Now, let’s move on to Summerslam. Not even the video package can make this revolution work. You realize that there absolutely no storyline except three teams just going at each other trying one up the other.How many weeks will this continue? If anything, the focus should now shift from these tag matches to what should matter- the Divas Championship. Because at Summerslam the Divas match was one of the most disappointing matches of the night.

Chaos reigned supreme as you just didn’t know where to focus. But then some tags happened. Sasha Banks was a favorite but she was making quick tags and she was excused by the fans because she put up a fierce performance just 24 hours ago. Team B.A.D was the first team eliminated. This match was hampered by having absolutely no storyline. There were suicide dives and a Swanton bomb. There were stiff looking moves and all of it is okay to make people realize that the talent is there. These women can take bumps but ultimately you yawned more in this match that cheered or jeered anyone.

Becky Lynch made Brie Bella take a trip down to suplex city and won via pinfall. That was the only highlight- that they had Lynch get the victory for her team.

Too bad this match remains quite forgettable.

Future Course of Action

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Time to focus on the championship, ladies!

But this match did one thing right- show the main roster’s hypocrisy. How daft do you have to be to give this as a Summerslam match after Bayley and Banks owned the main event slot at the biggest NXT event in history?

Hopefully, these tag team matches won’t continue come tomorrow. What should be noted is that Nikki Bella is inching close to crossing AJ Lee’s record of the duration of her championship reign.That should be the major focus point post-SummerSlam for the Divas division.

The point now should be to move away from tag teams and make each woman fight for herself. The focus on the championship will bring out individuals aiming to fight for the title. And find out who’s going to be the next contender. Also, there is no harm in having multiple storylines play out in the divas division. There is no point in having two matches a night without a proper storyline.

Enough of this sham of a revolution, already!

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