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SummerSlam 2018: The Bludgeon Brothers vs The New Day, SmackDown Tag Team Championship, winners, video highlights and analysis

Greg Bush
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The Bludgeon B
The Bludgeon Brothers look to continue their dominance over the Blue Brand

The New Day earned their opportunity to challenge the Bludgeon Brothers for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships. In a tournament to determine the new number one contenders, they eliminated SAnitY and The Bar, setting them up for another opportunity against the devastating duo of Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

With Kofi Kingston stepping back, and Big E sitting on the apron, Xavier Woods began the match. It didn't start well, Rowan quickly ran over Woods before tagging in Harper, who gator rolled him into a headlock.

Rowan tagged back in, splashing his 300+ pound body across the sternum of Xavier Woods. With a kick out, Rowan continued to torture Woods, turning him inside out with a pumphandle backbreaker.

Harper tagged in with a tope atomico, managing a two-count before Woods kicked out. The Bludgeon Brothers then targeted Big E, taking him off the apron and laying him out on the ground.

Harper and Rowan set up the steel steps for their double powerbomb. However, Woods fought out, taking out Rowan and slinging Harper face first into the steps with a hurricanrana. Woods struggled to get back to his corner, but Harper followed him into the ring. However, Woods broke away, tagging in Big E, who launched both Rowan and Harper with multiple belly to belly release suplexes.


Big E took Harper back inside, planting him with another belly to belly before crashing down with a body splash. Big E attempted the Big Ending, but Harper countered into a Michinoku Driver. Rowan attempted to help Harper dismantle the big man, but Big E launched Rowan into the turnbuckle. Harper took Big E down, but Woods came in to assist, and launched himself to the outside, taking down Rowan.

Harper followed him out, slamming him into the mat. Big E speared Harper off the apron, and Rowan jumped onto Big E.

The Bludgeon Brothers brought Big E back inside, throwing him down to the mat with their double powerbomb. Woods broke up the pin, then fought off the Tag Champions, then tagged himself in. Woods was quickly put down with another powerbomb, but he broke out of the pin.

Rowan went outside to take care of Kofi Kingston, but Big E dropped him with a Big Ending before tagging himself in. Harper and Big E found themselves on the outside and Big E slammed Harper down with a uranage, with Xavier Woods assisting with a backbreaker.

Woods then tagged back in and went for the Limit Breaker Elbow. Harper rolled back outside, but Woods followed him, hitting the Elbow on the outside. Big E and Woods brought Harper in for the Midnight Hour, but Rowan knocked Woods off the top with the hammer.

Result: The New Day defeated The Bludgeon Brothers via disqualification but The Bludgeon Brothers retain the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

Harper took Big E out with the hammer, and the tag team champions held their belts high, despite their loss tonight.

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