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Superstar finally reveals reason for leaving WWE last month

Pratyay Ghosh
Modified 04 Feb 2020, 18:59 IST

Former MYC competitor Jazzy Gabert chose to leave WWE last month
Former MYC competitor Jazzy Gabert chose to leave WWE last month

Jazzy Gabert was one of the most popular Superstars who entered the first Mae Young Classic. A lot of fans were overjoyed when she finally signed for WWE last year but sadly, it just wasn't meant to be. Gabert parted ways with WWE last month and while speaking to Wrestling Inc Daily, she finally opened up about the reasons behind her departure.

Gabert said that while it had always been her dream to be in WWE, she wanted to be on the main roster and on the road full-time. She also revealed that she had asked about the possibility of moving up from NXT UK but never got a reply that gave her hope:

"It was difficult because WWE was always my dream since I was a little kid. But to be honest, NXT UK was so different from SmackDown or Raw which is what I was dreaming of. I asked if there was a chance to move up and their typical answer was that creative had nothing for you.
"I had just one month with NXT UK so we had the Performance Center for 10 days and then tapings. But for me that was not enough. I want to do it full time and be on the road all the time. So I was searching for other projects doing TV stuff and acting. It was successful and they were like, 'Wow! You're awesome and we really want to work with you.' It was all or nothing so I had to make the decision and it was hard." H/T: WINC

Another reason Gabert gave for wanting to leave WWE was to focus on other things. Injury issues also played a part in it.

I just came off an injury. Before my injury I was in so much pain and walking around with a bad neck. But I didn't know it because I thought, 'Hey I'm a wrestler – of course I'm in pain.' Then I signed a contract in 2017 and [testing] found out that I had a bad neck and I had surgery.
Right after surgery the next day there was zero pain. In 2018 the whole year I was not in pain. Then in 2019 I sign with WWE and I'm in the ring and going to the gym and I'm hurting again. I'm like, 'Wow! I miss not being in pain.' I love this business so much but I love being pain-free too and it wasn't worth it. H/T: WINC

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Published 04 Feb 2020, 18:59 IST
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