Surprise ally for Bayley, life-changing WWE announcement – 4 of the craziest fan theories surrounding Seth Rollins' love triangle on RAW

Will Seth Rollins enter this storyline?
Will Seth Rollins enter this RAW storyline?

This week's episode of WWE RAW was a stacked affair, but coming out of the show, it looks like the storyline between Bayley and Becky Lynch has become the main talking point.

Former World Champion Seth Rollins was dragged into their now personal feud as Bayley claimed that Rollins only married Becky because he got her pregnant. Rollins recently qualified for the United States Championship Elimination Chamber match but might pull double duty and be added to this feud with his wife as well.

The following list looks at just four of the best fan theories surrounding the current storyline.

#4. Bayley has a surprise announcement next week on RAW

@316REIGNS How ironic would it be if Bayley would announced that she's pregnant with Seth's child to back out of the steel cage match 😊😁

Bayley didn't want to step into the steel cage match against Becky Lynch next week on WWE RAW, but she was forced to agree to it and fans now believe that she could find an interesting way out.

If Bayley was to make the shocking announcement that she was pregnant with Seth Rollins' baby ahead of the match, then she could escape the match. This is the kind of announcement that Bayley could make just to get into Becky's head and have her questioning her own marriage, so her mind isn't on the game for their match on RAW either.

#3. Neither female wins Seth Rollins

#Becky vs #Bayley on a custody match with #Seth in the hanging Sharp cage.! on Match closing moments, #Sasha returns and unlocks the cage!!Book it pls @TripleH#WWERaw #WWE…

WWE fans have really thought outside the box when it comes to ways that this feud could make sense and this is one of the most interesting theories. One fan believes that the two women should collide in a match where the winner is given Seth Rollins, but he is hanging over the ring in a shark cage.

Instead of the winner being able to then take the former World Champion, the swerve would be that Sasha Banks, who's now known as Mercedes Mone, would make her WWE return, unlock the cage and seemingly take the prize instead.

#2. Logan Paul aligns himself with Bayley on WWE RAW

What If?🤔I Made This Match Card Graphic Because Maybe some rivalry is going to happen between seth rollins and logan paul and Becky Lynch and Bayley's rivalry is going on so I have made this match card.SETH ROLLINS & BECKY LYNCH Vs LOGAN PAUL & BAYLEY#WWE #WWESumerSlam2023

Seth Rollins already appears to have chosen his side in this story given the fact that he is married to Becky Lynch. This means that Bayley could be forced to search out an ally of her own and given who Rollins is currently feuding with, it would be interesting to see Logan Paul and Bayley team up.

Paul has never worked with the Women's Division in WWE and it would be a dress rehearsal for WrestleMania for the Maverick if he was able to insert himself into a mixed tag team match against Seth Rollins.

#1. Seth Rollins custody ladder match at WWE WrestleMania 39

@itsBayleyWWE @WWERollins Bayley vs Becky for a custody of Seth Rollins match at Wrestlemania

Becky Lynch and Bayley have been feuding since making her return to WWE ahead of Survivor Series. It is believed that their rivalry could come to an end next week on RAW when the two women collide in a steel cage, but some fans are not ready for this feud to end.

It appears that there are several who are open to the idea of the two women colliding at WrestleMania, with Seth Rollins hanging in the balance and then being handed over to the winner.

Do you think any of these theories could play out on WWE TV? Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

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