5 reasons why SmackDown vs RAW should not happen at Survivor Series 2019

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It doesn't make sense anymore
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WWE's next big pay-per-view is Survivor Series, which will take place in Chicago towards the end of November. It will be the first major show, barring Crown Jewel, after the WWE changes once again and the rosters are definitively split. The concept of Survivor Series in recent years has been brand warfare, with Superstars of RAW and SmackDown doing battle in various Champion vs Champion and 5-on-5 elimination matches.

It has been entertaining, especially in 2016, but the concept has become rather tiring for the fan to watch. There are many factors that lean towards SmackDown vs RAW actually being a bad idea for this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view.

On the night, the matches will almost certainly deliver if the pairings work. But on the whole, WWE needs to re-think the entire brand warfare concept. Maybe it's best to drop it for just this one year, if not more.

Here are five reasons why Survivor Series 2019 should not feature any brand warfare.

#5 No real logic

Where is the story?
Where is the story?

The segments leading up to Survivor Series are pretty entertaining more often than not. Almost every Superstar on the brand unites to fight a common enemy, but why are they doing that? It honestly does not make much sense, especially when two feuding Superstars are magically on the same page because they are loyal to their brand.

In 2016, and even 2017 to an extent, the concept was fresh and SmackDown had a point to prove. But in 2018, the entire pay-per-view seemed thrown together for the sake of brand warfare.

As the years have gone by since the start of the second brand split, this concept has felt more and more thrown together. Brand warfare makes even less sense this year, in particular, but more on that later.

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