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Suspended referee Brad Maddox to explain his actions in RAW next week

4.30K   //    04 Nov 2012, 20:54 IST

Brad Maddox is a name every wrestling fan today is quite familiar with after his actions in Hell in a Cell. Maddox, a former wrestler in FCW who later became a part of the WWE referee roster after FCW and NXT merged, is going to explain his actions in RAW next week.

A few weeks back when WWE brought Maddox in and made him cost Punk a match in RAW, I was expecting the  storyline to continue. The next few weeks there wasn’t any sign of Maddox and that there made me decide that Maddox just seemed to be the random filler WWE needed for that week. But there he was again, hiding behind all that hype surrounding the Ryback vs Punk match inside the cell, and he later went on to low blow Ryback to give Punk the match.  Frankly, this move from WWE came as a shock to me which I really appreciate.

With Brad Maddox absent for a week and WWE giving us no insight on his whereabouts except for his suspension, it is announced that Maddox will now go on to address the crowd and give a reasonable explanation for his actions. So what do you think is a good explanation? His actions seemed to very clearly indicate that he was helping Punk and hence WWE needs to think out Maddox’s speech very carefully.

Hopefully, the announcement brings in a sense of excitement and a foundation to create an extremely good storyline, probably an NXT invasion against the WWE, and more importantly, against Ryback.  I for one will not be entertained if Maddox explains this to be an action due to a former grudge with Ryback when he was bullied or something. Keeping aside the probability of such happenings it is now clear that the WWE wants to pull their socks up at least in terms of the storylines.

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