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Table for 3 recap: Legendary Rivals (27 November, 2017)

Riju Dasgupta
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What did Flair discuss with his two greatest rivals?
What did Flair discuss with his two greatest rivals?

When a table comprises legends that have shaped the very art of professional wrestling that we so adore, it is impossible to miss a moment of the conversation! This week, we saw Sting, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat feature in an episode of Table for 3, on the WWE Network.

Ric Flair began the conversation by stating how unhappy he was that they were doing this at 8 am. Everyone goes to bed at night, but him. Such was the case in the 70s as well, when Steamboat would go to bed, but "The Nature Boy" would choose to go out for an evening of celebrations instead.

Steamboat recalled a time from 1978 when Flair ran a bar bill of $1000, and a 20% tip, amounting to $1200. Flair said that his bill from the night before is $3000. Sting stated without hesitation- 'nothing has changed'.

They caught up on their lives and their families, and Ric Flair said that he's the only guy in wrestling who was paying alimony to three different women, at the same time. Things got down to wrestling as Steamboat recalled the first time he met Flair, on TV, in Raleigh, NC in 1977, exactly forty years ago.

Steamboat recalled a time when Flair laid a few stiff shots on him so bad, that the discolouration remained for six whole months. Flair also recalled tagging with Sting against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman and turning on Sting to go heel.

The crowd was hot! Another angle was discussed where Sting blew his knee out climbing a cage, and not knowing this, Flair jumped on him, to get some shots in.

Steamboat narrated a road story from a European Tour where they overheated a 7 Series BMW, by driving it too fast on the Autobahn. He recalled another time in Charleston, South Carolina when Flair went over, Steamboat got into Flair's face later in front of a crowd. The angle was so realistic that Flair called him later to check if everything was alright or not.

Sting says the fact that kayfabe is gone was hard for him to accept at first. But he said it was a smart move, in hindsight. Steamboat added that the production values have also improved immensely. Flair said that on most days, SmackDown Live was a better show than RAW.

Flair put over the current storylines and said that they had fantastic rivalries these days. He compared his rivalry with Steamboat to the Charlotte Flair-Sasha Banks feud. He also maintained that Charlotte couldn't talk as well as he did, but she could outwork him.

Sting was full of admiration for Shane McMahon and said that he told his wife when he saw Shane McMahon's eyes the year before (before he jumped off the cage, during his match with The Undertaker) that he was going to do something big. They also put over Bray Wyatt, whom they called an old-school character.

Sting added that between the three of them, they had wrestled fifteen thousand matches. Ric Flair added that two of the greatest honours of his life was inducting Ricky Steamboat and Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame. He also said that Sting being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year was bigger than Angle going in this year.

This was a fun and interesting episode, as always. It's great to see three icons break bread, at 8 am in the morning. This conversation could have gone on for hours, and it would have still been interesting. We cannot wait for the next episode.

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