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Talking Smack Recap, 10th January, 2017: Dolph Ziggler explains reason behind his actions and more

Another exciting episode of Talking Smack is in the books. See what you missed out on in the always-happening Talking Smack

Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss had a heated exchange on Talking Smack

For some reason, Shane McMahon was the co-host of Talking Smack although Daniel Bryan was present on SmackDown Live. Renee Young and Shane started talking about Wrestlemania 34 at New Orleans. Renee said Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans was her favourite Wrestlemania experience. They also praised the city of New Orleans.

They spoke about The Undertaker entering the Royal Rumble. Renee said it made her very happy that he is entering. Shane replied that Undertaker's presence will add to the star power of the Rumble.

When Renee indirectly asked Shane if he was going to enter the Rumble, he said he wasn't going to. McMahon added that there are a lot of people who he wants to see enter the Rumble.

An elated Renee said it was "sweet redemption" when Maryse tried to slap Dean Ambrose earlier in the night but ended up slapping The Miz instead. She said it made her feel very happy.

Renee started talking about the historic steel cage match next week on SmackDown Live for the SmackDown Women's Championship. They then introduced the first guests of the show.

Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch:

Alexa & Becky were separated at two different ends of the table. Shane said that the steel cage match would allow no excuses, and wished the two women luck for their match.

Renee asked Alexa if she was upset about having to defend her title again, or the fact that there is a steel cage involved. Alexa said that she is a fighting champion, and she was upset because she knew that she would have to go into Daniel Bryan's office because she believed that Becky would try to find a way to get another title match. 

She called Becky Lynch insane. Becky said that she got a title shot because she made Alexa tap out the previous week. Alexa said that she respected the fact that Becky was the first SmackDown Women's Champion but she was the smartest. She blamed Becky for the La Luchadora incident backfiring since she was the original Luchadora.

Becky responded that she was right about Luchadora being her 'brainchild', but Alexa had to steal that too, just like she stole everything else. She said that Alexa copies her look from Harley Quinn and her attitude from a mean girls movie.

Alexa said that she didn't know who La Luchadora was. Shane warned the two women about the dangers and differences of a steel cage. Becky went on to say that she has walked into many situations without experiencing them beforehand. She added that she will prove she is the best female sports entertainer, and she will beat Alexa.

Renee asked Becky what made her the best. Becky said that she was the best because no woman was able to do what she did, with the obstacles put in front of her. She also said that the reason she was SmackDown's first female draft pick was because she was the best, and she has proved it time and again.

Alexa interrupted by saying "except in TLC when I put you through a table". Becky maintained that none of Alexa's victories over her was clean. 

Becky said that she would smash Alexa against the cage and dislocate her arm. Alexa said that she ended 2016 as Champion and plans to do the same this year as well.

Becky told Alexa to keep the title close to her for a week because she will hand it back to her next week. Alexa jabbed back saying that Becky has a week to answer why she wasn't able to do the job because she won't be taking the title.

Shane said that the steel cage was more of Bryan's idea, primarily to ensure that no one interferes. Renee asked Shane if he knew who La Luchadora is, and he said no.

They started talking about the dissension within the Wyatt family. Renee said that Randy Orton has always been a loner. Shane said that as a team, they have been incredible together, and that's why they were Champions.

He praised America Alpha and said that he was extremely impressed at their rise to the top. Renee predicted that things are going to get nasty in the Wyatt Family.

The next guest came in.

Mojo Rawley:

Renee told Rawley that he had star power when coming into NXT, but suffered an injury. After he came back, he was paired with Zack Ryder. But now, Ryder is injured. Renee asked how it's going to impact him and if he was going in the direction of a singles run to which Rawley replied that he is.

He said that what happened to Zack was heartbreaking because he came down to NXT to tag with him. They got drafted to SmackDown Live and became the number one contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, and Ryder injured his knee winning the match.

He expressed his frustration that American Alpha got their spot and ended up winning the titles, while they were sitting there wondering "what if?" Mojo said that Ryder is doing a lot better now. He said that he sneaks to the gym even though he is not supposed to do so for at least another month.

Mojo said that he helped Ryder move into a new place the other day, and Ryder told him that he will have to go alone moving forward since he is out for a while and that he has the opportunity of a lifetime. He spoke about a devastating knee injury he suffered during his time as a football player, which ended his career.

He spoke about how he got into WWE. He said he knew Barry Windham who spoke to Mike Rotunda (Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas' father) and his name came up and added that was how he got in. He got a tryout from WWE, which he went for. He said that the decision to be a WWE Superstar was a "no-brainer"

Shane asked what they could expect from Mojo Rawley as a singles star. Mojo said it's time for a "fresh coat of paint", and that it's time to be the "true" Mojo Rawley. Mojo offered his hat to Renee Young. Shane McMahon put it on. Shane said he was looking forward to seeing the new Mojo. Mojo then left the set.

Renee and Shane began to talk about the main event - Baron Corbin and John Cena. They spoke about how everyone wants to make their name using Cena. Shane said he can't wait to see the WWE Championship match in the Royal Rumble.

Renee asked Shane if he believed the legitimacy of the James Ellsworth and Carmella relationship. Shane said "romance is like a fine wine", and that one needs to wait it out to see what happens.

They introduced the next guest.

Dolph Ziggler:

Renee asked Dolph Ziggler why it took so long to get to the point he is currently at. Ziggler said that it was building for years, and he felt that what he did earlier in the night (assaulting Kalisto and Apollo Crews) was the right thing to do. 

Ziggler said that when it's in one's mind that they can be the best, they have to do it themselves, and no one can do it for them. Ziggler expressed that there was a lot of frustration over the last few years, and it got to him, and it comes off in his matches now.

Shane praised Ziggler for being a phenomenal performer. Ziggler also expressed his desire to be better, no matter how good he is, and no matter how many matches he wins. He said he lives for what he does, more than his family or anything. 

Shane asked Ziggler about the crowd's negative response to Ziggler's assault on Kalisto and Apollo Crews. Ziggler said that half the crowd would boo him when he performed for them anyway. He said that when he attacked them, it was a huge sigh of relief. He compared the feeling to when he cashed in the Money In The Bank and became world champion.

Shane said he was looking forward to seeing what Ziggler had to offer going forward, and how he deals with two angry men behind him. He wished him the best of luck. Before he left, Ziggler announced himself as an entrant to the Royal Rumble. Shane accepted and said he would be in. 

After Ziggler left, the show came to a close.

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