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Talking Smack Recap, 21st March, 2017

The Usos were in a jubilant mood after winning the tag team titles on Smackdown LIVE
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The show started with Renee and Daniel Bryan gushing over the spot that Shane pulled off on AJ Styles. Bryan put Shane over by saying that he was an easy going, funny guy from the outset, but he had that McMahon spirit when it came down to exchanging blows inside the ring.

Bryan even pointed out that Shane looked dangerous with that black eye that he had sustained during Styles’ sneak attack last week. Bryan wondered whether he would be able to jump as far as Shane did earlier that night.

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose then joined the panel. He sounded off a warning to his Wrestlemania opponent, Baron Corbin. Ambrose commended Renee and Daniel Bryan for their fabulous work on Talking Smack and said that it was his favourite show.

Daniel Bryan and Renee wondered whether Baron Corbin could match Ambrose’s madness at the ‘Showcase of Immortals’ in Orlando. The duo then transitioned to the match that is slated for next week, where Luke Harper will take on WWE Champion Bray Wyatt.

The Usos

The newly crowned SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Usos then joined the show. The Uso looked particularly excited and bragged about being the champions.


The asked Bryan about their Wrestlemania program, and he replied that the matter would have to be discussed. Jimmy Uso compared the Tag Team Championship to having a hall pass in school. Renee joined in on the celebrations by taking pictures of the Usos and commenting on how good the titles looked on them.

Bryan agreed to the fact that the Usos deserved to be on the Wrestlemania card and got high fives from them. Bryan asked the Usos about their Wrestlemania opponents, and they replied saying that they would enjoy taking on the “Bullet Club.”

The SmackDown Tag Team champions stated that they wanted to unify the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Championships and come up with purple coloured belts that would result from the mixture of the current red and blue titles.

Renee mentioned that Roman Reigns congratulated the Usos on their victory. The Usos joked that Roman congratulating them was the reason for a jump in the number of followers on their Twitter account.

The Usos and Daniel Bryan discussed hanging out together, and the GM said that it would make him cooler if he were to hang out with the duo. The Usos reminded Bryan that he was kind of cool himself because he grew his own vegetables.

The Usos then broke into a song, and Bryan joined them. Bryan suggested that their group should be named ‘Sweet Beats’, which was a play on the beets that he grew in his garden. The Usos were not impressed by Bryan's suggestion and left the panel.

Renee and Bryan shifted gears to talk about the pandemonium in the Women’s division. Bryan hinted at Alexa Bliss’ fondness for Disney characters and compared her to the evil queen in Snow White.

Bryan and Renee watched the footage of the brawl that took place earlier in the night among the women and gave a huge pop for James Ellsworth. Bryan and Renee also joked about Tyler Breeze’s Breezy Bella character.

John Cena and Nikki Bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella then joined the show, and Nikki commented that Bryan looked good in the Usos’ hat. Bryan asked Nikki about her face. Nikki had a slight cut on her forehead, and John Cena said that she sustained the cut when she speared Tyler Breeze’s breasts off.

The couple then addressed Miz and Maryse’s skit earlier in the evening, where they parodied the Total Bellas and called it lost footage. Nikki said that she was getting used to ridicule and criticism after being in the public eye for so long. Nikki pointed out that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery and that she was not upset with the Miz and Maryse.

Renee tried to get a scoop on Nikki’s reaction after Maryse accused her of leveraging her backstage power to prevent her from securing a contract. Nikki said that she was perturbed by Maryse’s comments. Nikki said that these hateful remarks pointed to the fact that the Miz and Maryse were jealous of John and Nikki.

John Cena then took charge of the microphone and cut an intense promo. He accused the Miz of stealing Bryan’s moves and Jericho’s personality. Cena called out the Miz by his real name, Mike, and said that the couple had only one more week to make jokes and have fun.

He directed the plan for Wrestlemania saying that Mike would have to show himself at the grand event and he would have nowhere to run. Cena went on to say that Miz and Maryse were not the IT couple, rather they were the “Shhhh-IT” couple of the WWE.

Cena confessed that he was lucky to be in the business and to have found a partner in Nikki Bella. Cena revealed that great people had their deeds pointed out by others, and Miz and Maryse just proved the fact that he and Nikki Bellas were, in fact, great at their job.

Renee and Bryan concluded by saying that they should have ended with John’s promo because it was so intense. Both acknowledged the fact that John was in his league when it came to cutting promos and hyping a match. Bryan and Renee, both hyped the next week’s show before calling it a day from the production studio.

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Published 22 Mar 2017, 11:46 IST
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