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Talking Smack Recap, 25th January 2017: Styles frustrated with the way he's being treated

Mickie James talks Women's Revolution, Mojo Rawley prepares to go in the Rumble, and much more

Styles unhappy with the treatment he’s receiving

Renee Young began the show by asking Shane McMahon, whether they should carry out a poll to determine him as the permanent co-host of Talking Smack. Shane scoffed at the idea and said that Daniel Bryan is miles better at co-hosting than he is. 

They then discussed the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV before inviting their first guest for the evening, Mickie James. 

Mickie James

James said that it was great to be back in the WWE. Renee told her that she's a huge fan of hers and that she felt intimidated while interviewing her. James then lashed out at the current women's wrestlers and said that the women's wrestling revolution started with her and that the now so-called "Women's Revolution" is a product of her time. 

James felt disgusted by the fact that, the term "Women's Revolution" was being constantly shoved down her throat and said that it undermined her achievements in the company. 

James informed that she saw a lot of "her" in Alexa Bliss. She confirmed with Bliss' tactics and said that it took ruthlessness to make it in the WWE. But, while speaking on her friendship with Alexa, James informs that nobody can stay friends forever. 

Before leaving, James announced that she was ready to face the women in the 6-woman tag team match at the Royal Rumble. 

Mojo Rawley

Shane congratulated Rawley for qualifying for the Royal Rumble. Rawley thanked him and said that securing a spot in the Royal Rumble showed all the work he had put in previously. He felt that things had finally started to turn around for him.

Rawley said that he would be coming into the Rumble with confidence and that he was doing everything for his father. He said that everyone has a target on their backs in the Rumble and added that he could not afford to take this lightly, just because of the sheer size of the match. 

AJ Styles

Styles came onto the set disgruntled after the events that took place tonight. Renee asked Styles how he felt, to which Styles replied that he felt great as he was the WWE Champion. Styles expressed that he felt upset by what John Cena said to him tonight. 

Styles believes that Cena is scared of him because he's already beaten him thrice. He also believes that Cena would never have made it in the indies because he could never hang with guys like him. 

Styles said that he still doesn’t understand why Cena automatically got a title shot when he actually should be standing in the back of the line like other challengers. He thinks Cena was given a direct opportunity because Shane just cares about the ratings. 

Styles vented his frustration in regards to the Royal Rumble poster, where he points out that he is standing in the back next to Rich Swann, who's a Cruiserweight. Shane told Styles that all the advertising of the event was handled by Stephanie McMahon.

Styles informed that he knew that because all the RAW Superstars were in the front, while only one SmackDown Superstar was given that privilege i.e. John Cena. Styles felt that John Cena mattered more to Shane and before leaving proclaimed that he would still be the WWE Champion by the end of the event. 

After Styles left, Shane said that he recognises Styles' talent and thought that Cena was just playing mind games with Styles. 

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