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WWE News: Talking Smack Recap (December 13th, 2016)

Talking Smack continues to live up to its reputation.

Yet another great episode of Talking Smack came to a close

The show began with Renee Young asking Daniel Bryan if he was surprised at the outcome of the Fatal Four Way main event, which Ziggler won. Bryan said that he gave Ziggler and the other three competitors an opportunity and that no can deny that he gives Miz opportunities.

Renee proceeded to state her surprise at how The Miz more or less helped Ziggler win. Bryan admitted that he too was surprised.

Bryan said he was interested to see how Ziggler takes on the challenge, as he failed to capture the WWE Championship from Dean Ambrose at Summerslam, and the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz.

AJ Styles:
Renee brought up James Ellsworth and him losing his opportunity at the WWE Championship. Before she could complete her sentence, AJ Styles came in and told Bryan that he saved Ellsworth's life. 

Renee asked AJ Styles how he felt about how everything unfolded in the night that led to Dolph Ziggler becoming Number One Contender for the WWE Championship. Styles said that he is a fan of WWE and that the main event was a great match, even stating that Luke Harper was intimidating, but not smart enough to pull it off. 

Renee asked Bryan if Ellsworth lost his Number One Contendership, but Bryan said that he didn't. Bryan told Styles that Ellsworth beat him four times. AJ Styles refuted that there was always "a certain guy" (referring to Dean Ambrose) who helped Ellsworth and that he wasn't reprimanded for him.

Renee asked AJ if he was happy that Ambrose wasn't the number one contender, and AJ admitted that he was, because there was only so many times that he could embarrass The Lunatic Fringe.

When asked about Luke Harper, AJ said that he didn't face him before and he was the only one among the four, he didn't know much about and added that the fact that he is big makes him intimidating.

Bryan praised Luke Harper and said that he genuinely believed Harper had a chance to win the main event and would be intrigued to see the two face off. AJ then said once more that Harper was not smart enough, and that he took his eyes off the prize.

Renee asked AJ what his prediction was, for his match against Ziggler on December 27th and AJ said that it's going to be the same it always is; with him beating his opponent. He went on to say that they could even bet on it. 

AJ admitted that Ziggler is good, but maintained that he isn't Phenomenal. Bryan asked AJ if he could tell how long it would take for him to beat Ziggler. AJ said that he learns about his opponent when he is in the ring, and that he knows Ziggler lives and dies by the Superkick, and that he will be waiting on it.

When Renee asked AJ where he was health wise, he said that he was ready to go. Renee and Bryan got inquisitive and suspicious about his real health and AJ tried to change the topic. Bryan thanked AJ for coming in, implying that he was kicking him out, after which AJ departed.

Renee asked Bryan about who he thought really attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series. Bryan said that he felt Carmella is more truthful than Natalya. He tells a bewildered Renee that she hadn't lied about anything, and was especially upfront when it came to beating up Nikki Bella. 

Renee seemed to find it odd that Carmella would suddenly throw the information out there and asked Bryan why he felt Natalya might be less truthful. Bryan said that he didn't know.

The Usos:

The Usos came in, and Jey Uso revealed that he had an ankle injury. Jimmy Uso playfully likened the situation to Marty Jannetty holding back Shawn Michaels.

He went on to reveal that the 'word on the street' is that The Hype Bros would lose their 'hype' after Zack Ryder had an injury, and Bryan maintained that the extent of the injury was not known. However, it was later reported that Ryder suffered a knee injury.

The Usos then asked Bryan to make them the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Championships by default. The Usos mentioned their history with The Wyatts and asked Bryan if he really believed that The Hype Bros would be able to defeat The Wyatt Family. Bryan said that everyone has a chance. 

The Usos told Bryan that they knew they could go toe-to-toe with the Wyatts and that they would be back next week. A camera shot was shown of Zack Ryder being carried off by the medical staff and Mojo Rawley.

The Usos told Bryan to text him and make The Usos the Number One contenders for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. They started trash talking other teams in the division, and told Bryan to "make it happen". Bryan said that a lot of people come on Talking Smack and just ask for opportunities.

Bryan then shook The Usos' hands and Jimmy Uso, and Bryan broke into a small song. Renee said that they should bring The Usos on the show more often. Renee and Bryan then spoke about their day spending time with the troops, praising them.

Alexa Bliss:

Renee introduced Smackdown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. Alexa said that she was sore, but hadn't been tended to by the medical staff yet. When Renee asked what happened, Alexa said that she didn't know. She went on to say that she landed badly on her knee when getting out of the ring and that she was so focused on the pain that she didn't know she had been counted out during her match with Becky Lynch.

Bryan began to get suspicious of Alexa and her supposed knee injury. Alexa said that Bryan was questioning her integrity. Renee and Bryan said that she seemed to be fine there, and Alexa said it was adrenaline. 

She then told Bryan that he knew how it was to wrestle through pain, but he said that he always went to the doctor after that; something Alexa had not yet done. Renee asked how it has been for Alexa to step up to the position of being the locker room leader and asked how the other women have been received her newly-earned authority.

Bliss said that it was absolutely great, and then continued to sell her knee injury.

Alexa then told the co-hosts that she needed ice and left Talking Smack.

Renee asked Bryan what he felt about the situation, and Bryan said that there is a lot of drama on SmackDown Live and that he had no idea what was going on. When Renee asked if he felt people were making excuses for their spots, Bryan said that he did felt so. 

The show then concluded.

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