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Talking Smack Recap: Hell In A Cell 2017

2.48K   //    09 Oct 2017, 11:14 IST

Talking Smack followed WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday...

Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg welcomed us to Talking Smack after the shocking heel turn of Sami Zayn; which enabled Kevin Owens to defeat Shane McMahon to close out the Hell In A Cell pay per view tonight.

The guests for tonight's edition of Talking Smack included new United States Champion Baron Corbin, former WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, and new WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Usos.

Renee and Peter started off the show by trying to make sense of Sami Zayn's actions at the end of the Hell In A Cell pay per view. The moment they were talking about was when Shane climbed up to the top of the cell trying to land an elbow that he couldn't at WrestleMania 32 against Undertaker. As Shane dove off the cage, someone pulled Owens off of the announce table, and replays showed it was Zayn.

They discussed how Zayn could do such a thing after what Owens had done to him throughout their time in the WWE. Renee and Peter were also wondering what it holds for the McMahon family going forward, namely Vince and Stephane.

That would lead to their first guest of the night...

#1 Baron Corbin

New WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin barged in while Renee and Peter were talking on the Talking Smack set, and to nobody's surprise, he was in a good mood.

Baron pointed out that the name on the nameplate (AJ Styles) and stated that he was no longer the champion. He also said that it feels good to make the doubters eat their words as he takes home his first ever championship in the WWE.

Corbin stated that those who were chanting "where's your briefcase" at him fueled his fire to win the match and shut the crowd up. As for John Cena, the one who caused him to lose his Money In The Bank opportunity, Corbin said he'll find John someday to exact revenge.

From there, Corbin directed his attention to the "keyboard warriors" who always give him a hard time on social media. Now that he holds the United States Championship, he's decided to laugh at all of them.

Finally, Corbin says he has no respect for anyone in the locker room and now it is time to get in line to try to take the title from him.

#2 The Usos

The always entertaining Usos joined Talking Smack with Jey carrying an ice pack for his elbow and also sporting a mouse near his eye, potentially from Xavier Woods when he was attacking him while still wearing handcuffs.

The Usos wonder where Daniel Bryan is at, but since they are in a good mood after regaining the championships, they'll let it slide. Peter threw Rene under the bus though mentioning how he predicted the Usos to win in the Kickoff Show as Renee did not.

Peter mentioned how the cell resembled a penitentiary (playing off of the Uso Penitentiary line they frequently use). After their first time in the cell, Jimmy said that what everyone says is correct, you come out of that match a different person.

The Usos do a little rap with Peter being the hype man, but the brothers want Sweet Beats aka Daniel Bryan back instead to help them rap.

Jimmmy U
Jimmy Uso (left) mocking those who just now finally say they're a good tag team...

They watched back part of the match on the monitor along with Renee and Peter, and hilariously asked them to cut out all of the parts where Woods was trying to fight back, and then resume the tape once The Usos had the upper hand again.

Following that, Jimmy talked about wanting to celebrate and bring in some stripper poles but then remembers he's married (to Naomi) and asks the producer to cut out that part, but unfortunately they're live so he had to apologize.

They then mimicked Booker T's five-time quote now that they are WWE Tag Team Champions for the fifth time in their career. The Usos closed out the interview mentioning how everyone was sleeping on the Usos and now want to jump on the bandwagon, but they already know how good they are.

#3 AJ Styles

A bruised and battered AJ Styles was the next guest on Talking Smack. Renee introduced him as the "former United States Champion, AJ Styles"; which Styles would say "that phrase doesn't sound as cool/".

Styles was out to show that Corbin's shortcuts wouldn't work against him, but unfortunately, that plan went out the window when Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan added Tye Dillinger to the match during the Kickoff Show.

Peter mentioned that AJ needed some ice after the way he looked physically. Styles went on to say that this was one of the better pay per views because everybody brought it on a night full of brutal matches.

You can definitely see the physical toll tonight's match took on AJ Styles...

They asked AJ about when he wants to invoke his rematch clause, and Styles said: "as soon as possible."

They then turned their attention to the main event of the evening. Peter stated that AJ has been right in the middle of the Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon feud and was asked about his thoughts. Styles stated that he was confused as to why Zayn did what he did.

AJ says that if Shane needs help to fight Owens and Zayn, he will be there for him. AJ says that he's not the best of friends with Shane, but enjoyed him beating the crap out of Owens.

After reflecting on that main event, AJ made the decision on Talking Smack that he will invoke his rematch clause against Baron Corbin for the WWE United States Championship this Tuesday on Smackdown Live.

Peter called AJ the "Pride of Smackdown" and wished him well at his rematch, and everyone said goodbye as Talking Smack drew to its end.

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