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Taz calls Dana White a "hypocrite", his reaction to Kevin Nash and CM Punk dissing WWE in the past

3.13K   //    10 Aug 2015, 16:39 IST
Tazz was critical about the comments of Dana white

Former ECW world heavyweight champion Taz recently on an edition of his podcast Human Podcast Machine, had strong comments about UFC president Dana White calling pro wrestling “fake”

Taz warned  "Dana White: learn your s--t before you pop off and chirp," He took massive disrespect to what was said and deemed it utterly disrespectful to the great wrestling industry and the artform that is sports entertainment.He was ashamed of Dana and said that if he got the opportunity, then he would tell Dana to his face that he wouldn’t spend a dime on the UFC.

Taz added that the effects the business has had on him is evident on his health."I got really hot because it goes through your brain how your body feels. Me, my body. And the repercussions and negative part of recovering from a career in the pro wrestling business, physically.” said Taz.He pointed out that the number of concussions and broken bones he has had over the years is still less compared to what others have faced and he is fortunate about that.He called Dana an unprofessional liar and a hypocrite and said someone like Vince McMahon would never do such a thing.

"For someone like Dana White to disrespect, and then come back and say, 'oh, I respect [professional] wrestlers' and all this kind of stuff, you're a liar. You're backtracking. You're a hypocrite.” added Taz.Taz disapproved that Dana was trying to promote UFC 190 and said that he was just putting himself over by being edgy.

Taz also responded to Kevin nash and CM Punk calling wrestling fake by saying that they have paid their dues to the business and can say whatever they want to.

“Kevin Nash can call it, meaning the [professional wrestling] business, whatever he wants - he paid dues. He bumped and sacrificed for years. Dana White didn't and couldn't. CM Punk, you get a gigantic pass, okay? You can say the f-word, you can call [the professional wrestling] business fake if you did [the professional wrestling] business. If you choose to do that, that's your prerogative." Taz said.

He also spoke about Jerry Lynn, Apollo Crews and Uhaa Nation among other topics on the podcast.

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