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Team RAW vs SmackDown Live Women's Elimination match, WWE Survivor Series 2017 winner, video highlights and analysis

Rohit Nath
19.54K   //    20 Nov 2017, 06:46 IST

The two captains kicked off the first elimination match

The two captains Becky Lynch and Alicia Fox kicked off the first elimination match and the second of the night. The crowd was split down the middle with "Let's go SmackDown! Let's go RAW" chants.

Becky Lynch was surprisingly eliminated first, very early on as Bayley caught her with a roll-up pin. Tamina was getting mauled by Asuka shortly after and the women of ,RAW started to isolate her from the rest of her team.

Tamina managed to bring Bayley over to the RAW side and although Bayley did fight back, she got outnumbered (legally) and Carmella hit her with a superkick before the legal woman Tamina hit a Superfly splash on her for the pin. The playing field was levelled with 4-on-4.

Tamina and Nia Jax had a "powerhouse confrontation" and it was unsurprisingly bad. Lana tried to distract her standing on the apron but got run down by Nia before getting kicked out of the ring by Tamina. Thanks to a splash from Naomi and then a splash to the outside by Tamina, she got counted out while Tamina just managed to get in.

Alicia Fox was the next to get eliminated in a very botchy way when Alicia Fox didn't kick out at the right time. However, Naomi, who got the pin was met with a Bank Statement within seconds to tap out. It was SmackDown 3, RAW 2.

Asuka tagged in and after Carmella got some control made the mistake of slapping The Empress Of Tomorrow. The undefeated Empress hit Carmella with a knee to the face and a lethal-sounding kick to eliminate The Princess Of Staten Island. It was finally two-on-two.

Sasha Banks faced off against Natalya and nearly eliminated her in an impressive fashion when she hit a double knees to the back. However, Tamina saved Natalya.

After taking Asuka out, Natalya made Sasha Banks tap with a sharp-shooter to make Asuka the final member of Team RAW.

The two women of SmackDown Live outnumbered Asuka. The crowd was rallying heavily behind Asuka. The Empress jumped and countered Tamina into a beautiful armbar for to level things one-on-one.


While Natalya tried to take advantage to land the sharpshooter, Asuka countered into her own kneebar. Although Natalya escaped, she soon met a spin-kick and an Asuka lock to make it 2-0 Team RAW.

Asuka was the sole survivor.

Team RAW defeated Team SmackDown in the Women's 5-on-5 elimination match to make it 2-0 to Team RAW

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