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Team RAW vs SmackDown, Men's Elimination match, WWE Survivor Series 2017 winner, video highlights and analysis

Rohit Nath
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Which brand won the Survivor Series war?

The reason why Braun Strowman attacked Triple H

Post the WWE Survivor Series main event, Braun Strowman bodyslammed Triple H. Possible reason behind is that WWE wanted Triple H t put over Braun Strowman, contrary to the popular belief that the King of Kings just buries young talents.

Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon started things off. Shane got flung away and Orton was tagged in immediately. Triple H laughed as Shane made a shocked face.

Randy Orton and Samoa Joe went at it next, with Joe outpowering Orton clearly. It was the first time the two competitors shared a ring together. While Orton went for the RKO quickly, Joe countered into a coquina clutch, blocked by Randy Orton.

Finn Balor came in while Randy Orton was in. Nakamura asked for the tag and the crowd went wild! The crowd chanted "NXT" while the two were locked in. Nakamura put his head on Balor's chest and waved his hands while Balor turned it around and hit a "too sweet" on his forehead.

The crowd was watching and eating it up and Triple H asked for the tag in. Nakamura did his "come on" thing to The Game and the 14-time world champion obliged happily. The crowd chanted "Nakamura" while Triple H was attacking The King Of Strong Style.

Nakamura knocked Triple H down but The Game came back and Bobby Roode was tagged in. The two had their dream face off and started shoving each other until Bobby Roode attempted the Glorious taunt, only to be met by a punch from Triple H.

Roode hit back hard with a series of chest slaps until he ate a spinebuster from "The Game". Triple H then did the "Glorious" to "Suck it!" taunt. His pedigree attempt was turned into a spinebuster and Bobby Roode finally was able to do the "Glorious" taunt.

Triple H got the better of Roode and Kurt Angle tagged in for a huge pop. Nakamura soon tagged in and took a shot at Triple H and knocked Angle down. He took a cheap shot at Braun Strowman, infuriating The Beast.


Nakamura was on fire, clearing the entire RAW team until Strowman was tagged in. Nakamura still landed a Kinshasa on Angle but the outpowering of Strowman was too much as he hit a running powerslam to The Artist for the pin. It was 5-4 to RAW.

Shinsuke Nakamura was eliminated by Braun Strowman

Bobby Roode was the next to get victimised by Strowman as he ate a powerslam for the pin.

Bobby Roode was eliminated by Braun Strowman

Samoa Joe tagged himself in and started getting into an argument with Strowman. The two shoved each other and then Kurt and Triple H tried to cut it off until Triple H started shoving Kurt.

SmackDown Live took advantage and cleared everyone except Strowman, and Cena and Orton were left to take care of Strowman. Outside the ring, Strowman knocked them both down.

Both of them got the advantage again but were unable to suplex Strowman onto the table. However, The rest of the team including Nakamura and Bobby Roode came back to suplex Barun right through the announce table.

Shane began to get ready for an elbow drop onto Strowman but Joe prevented this from happening and suplexed him right back in the ring.

Joe and Cena were the next to go at it and thanks to a scuffle between Joe and Balor. After two AAs to Joe and one to Balor, Cena pinned Joe.

Samoa Joe was eliminated by John Cena

John Cena and Kurt Angle went at it next and they paced themselves well. Cena almost did the five-knuckle shuffle but got caught by an Ankle lock instead. Although he did escape the ankle lock, he got hit by an Angle slam, a coupe de grace by Balor and then another Angle Slam. Cena was eliminated.

John Cena was eliminated by Kurt Angle

Balor took out Shane McMahon and Randy Orton but after a missed coupe-de-grace, he took an RKO and got eliminated.

Finn Balor was eliminated by Randy Orton

It was 3-on-2 with Strowman still outside. Triple H and Orton went at it next, with Orton's experience, he cleared the two veterans. e was ready to tag in Shane McMahon but Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came out to assault him. Shane fired back with steel chairs while Orton hit an RKO on Kevin Owens. Shane chased Owens and Zayn away but back in the ring, Strowman returned and tagged in. He ran into Orton and hit him with a running power slam. Mr. Survivor Series himself got eliminated.

Randy Orton was eliminated by Braun Strowman

It was 3-on-1. Shane stood outside the ring for some time while Strowman was getting ready to charge and finish the job. Triple H tagged himself in and got ready for a war against his brother-in-law.

Kurt Angle, however, had different plans when he tagged himself in. Shane took advantage and almost won with a roll-up pin on Kurt Angle. Shane began a flurry offence but wasn't able to pin Angle. He seemed like he was doing everything in his tank.

Kurt Angle landed an ankle lock and almost submitted Shane but Triple H came out of nowhere to hit the pedigree on Angle! He stared at Strowman directly as he placed Shane McMahon on Kurt Angle and had Angle eliminated.

Kurt Angle was eliminated by Shane McMahon.

A seemingly furious Strowman was staring as Triple H looked to be helping Shane up. It wasn't for real of course. Triple H pedigreed him and took the glory for himself. Team RAW wins and won the Survivor Series war.

Shane McMahon was eliminated by Triple H

Team RAW defeated Team SmackDown Live to win Survivor Series 4-3

After a lot of gloating, Strowman choked Triple H and told him to never cross him again, or he'll never play the game. Triple H tried to come back and hit the pedigree but met not one, but two running powerslams. Strowman ripped his t-shirt off and walked away triumphant.

The reason why the Monster Among Men attacked Game is

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