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WWE News: Ted DiBiase Jr reveals the reason behind the Break-up of Legacy

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Ted DiBiase jr
The Legacy – Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr

One-half of the former WWE Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase Jr recently appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams show. During the interview, he was very vocal about his time in WWE and talked openly about his disagreements with the company during his career. 

Talking about his days in the famous 'Legacy' stable, DiBiase said that WWE didn't capitalize on the momentum he had at the time because they were too focussed on making Randy Orton a face.

He said:

"They wanted to make Randy a babyface. That is where things could have probably gone different for me, if they would have capitalized on the momentum I had. The crowd was kind of wanting me to turn face. Randy and I did a match where I let him just beat me up, and I shoved him back once, and it exploded. 

That was probably one of the coolest matches. I didn't fight back at all. I shoved him as he walked around me and I let him do his creepy faces, and he RKO'd me. We were going to have a match at 'Mania, and it was going to be a singles match.

They were like, well that is not fair, and I think there were some politics there. It would have been weird to just have me and him have a match and not Cody. 

So, [they decided], we'll make Randy face and break Legacy up. I don't know who made that call. I didn't really agree with it, and wished they would have kept it a little bit longer.

Even just me and Cody tagging for a little bit longer, because then they had no idea of what to do with me. All of that build-up, and then the implosion. Me and Cody could have feuded. There could have be a lot better, but all they were worried about was Randy."

He also talked about his former partner Cody Rhodes praising him for his passion for the business:

"He has an incredible mind for the business. He loves it. He has more passion for this industry that anybody I know. He constantly, still to this day, watches old tapes. He wanted it so bad, and he would go above and beyond. He would pitch more ideas, and they would be home runs.

Along with this, he also talked about his match at WrestleMania 26, the original idea of legacy and much more. 

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