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Ten Controversial Things WWE Must Do In The New Era

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What are Vince McMahon
What are Vince McMahon's plans for the new era of WWE?

Let's be honest here.

The new era that The McMahon family has promised got off to a rocky start on both Raw and Smackdown Live, but that dosen't mean it has to be that way moving forward. In fact, with the promise of NXT call ups, giving fans what they want and fresh match ups, WWE could easily turn this around and make the new era something fans will remember.

Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen and will won't become apparent until after the holiday season concludes, but one has to hope that WWE will actually follow up on their promises and deliver something fans will enjoy. With that being said, here are ten things they can do to make sure that fans will love the new era of WWE!

#10 Bring back the Championship Scramble

Who wants to see Lesnar lose in a Championship Scramble?
Who wants to see Lesnar lose in a Championship Scramble?

The Championship Scramble, which consists of a six person match with a time limit, was an interesting way to determine a champion in the past and could be useful again now. Of course the championship scramble format hasn't been used in years after WWE seemingly soured on the idea after only one night, but that doesn't mean they can't bring it back

In all honesty, the tradition of the Elimination Chamber match and The Royal Rumble match is becoming quite a tiring way to determine the championship picture heading into WrestleMania, and a championship scramble would be a nice shakeup. Beyond that, it keeps things interesting and more importantly, keeps fans guessing all the way to Mania!

In the end, a championship scramble is a nice way to finally take The Universal title off of Brock Lesnar without hurting him too much and it gives one of the younger stars a run with the title. Of course opinions will vary on who that deserving superstar should be and for how long they should hold the title, but anyone would be better than another year of Lesnar as champion.

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